Your giveaway has just wrapped up and its time to notify the winner and the rest of the contestants. You can create a blog post on your website or a post on social media congratulating the winner.

However, the most natural and personal method to inform people about the results of your giveaway is through email.

Your brand can create a personal connection with people by sending them emails, which is why email marketing is still one of the strongest marketing tools out there.

A giveaway is an ideal opportunity for you to acquire and mail new email subscribers while re-engaging with old ones.

How a Giveaway Works

A giveaway is a simple concept. People enter a contest to win a prize. A lucky draw then determines the winner. Giveaways generally receive plenty of attention from the public, which is why companies love hosting them to build their brand’s image.

Companies today make use of the viral nature of a giveaway also to increase their social media followers, build email lists, and create awareness towards their brand. 

Modern giveaways are held online on a company’s website and social media. Participants will be required to complete a few simple tasks to gain entry into a contest.

These tasks usually include entering an email address, following a brand’s social media page, liking social media posts, and sharing the contest on their own social media profiles. Some giveaways require optional tasks such as watching a video and visiting a website.

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Types of Emails to Send When Using Giveaways

When running a giveaway online, you must collect email addresses from entrants. Not only will you be able to build up your email list quickly, but you will also have the opportunity to immediately engage with people who are interested in your product or service. 

Here are three types of emails that you can send out to contestants during a giveaway:

Announcement Email

If you already have an email list of subscribers interested in your product, you can simply send out an email informing subscribers of your giveaway. If building your email list is the main objective of your giveaway, then what’s the purpose of mailing your current list of subscribers?

  • Your current list of subscribers will still be able to enter the giveaway, which will request them to engage in posts on your social media
  • This will amount to more targeted traffic to your website
  • An opportunity for more referrals
  • Adds to the hype of the giveaway

Engagement Emails

Engagement emails are an excellent opportunity to market your brand and products further. Giveaways attract the right sort of attention that all brands desire.

During a giveaway, contestants are eagerly checking their mail for an update on the giveaway, which means higher email open rates.

The purpose of an engagement email is to inform people of the progress of the giveaway. However, engagement emails are an opportunity to direct targeted traffic back to your website and social media. 

This can be achieved by adding a compelling call-to-action to the email body.

Some examples of engagement emails include:

  • Thank you for entering our giveaway
  • Reminder – Only 10 days left
  • How to earn points in the giveaway

Congratulations Email

The creme de la creme of all emails. One of the most important emails of the year for a lucky winner. The reader will be ecstatic upon reading the email, which is why it should not be a lengthy email with too many complicated instructions.

Congratulations emails are simple emails that are meant to inform a person that they have won the giveaway while providing easy instructions on how to claim their prize.

Congratulations emails are also sent to all giveaway contestants to inform them of the winner of the giveaway.

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Why Send a Congratulations Email

Congratulations Emails are crucial to any giveaway. There’s just a tiny window between the end of a giveaway and the actual contest winner announcement.

The winner has to be contacted within this short time frame. You also have to make sure that the person who won the giveaway is eligible to win the prize as per your giveaway rules and regulations.

Once you have made a contest winner announcement, you can then send out congratulations emails to all participants. This email will confirm the winner and the end of the giveaway.

Congratulations emails have a very high open rate because contestants are eager to see who won. This is an excellent opportunity for brands to market themselves to an audience that is interested in the brand’s products or services.

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The Components of a Congratulations Email

When a giveaway has ended, you will have to notify all contest entrants on all of the channels that you used to promote the giveaway (blog, Facebook, etc.). You will also need to email contestants to inform them about the winner. 

When you initially notify non-winning entrants about the giveaway winner, most of them will be disappointed at first. To ease their disappointment and to keep the conversation going, you will have to provide entrants with some form of consolation.

You can do this by carefully producing your congratulations email to non-winners.

Provide Value

A straightforward congratulations email that simply mentions the winner will have little to no value for the non-winner that reads it. Your brand’s perception of the reader can quickly sway the wrong way.

Try adding something of value to the email to keep the reader invested in your brand.

An example would be to firstly thank the non-winning reader for entering the giveaway and for showing their support. Inform them if there will be more competitions in the future.

You could also offer them a freebie for their participation in the giveaway.

Give a Free Gift

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No one wants to be a loser. Offering all participants a chance to get something back after entering a giveaway will mean a lot to them.

This way they won’t go home empty-handed. It is the least you can do for someone who has supplied you with their email and followed you on social media.

Some examples of Free Gifts:

  • Discount on next purchase
  • A free course or training 
  • Free Ebook, PDF, or software

Announce the Winner

When announcing a contest winner, its best to get permission from the winner to use their name and image. Some people wish to remain anonymous, which is why you should get in touch with the winner first before informing all contestants. 

Once all the small details are approved, you can then congratulate the winner in the email, while thanking everyone else for participating.

Some brands request pictures from their winners. An image of the winner adds to the legitimacy of the competition.

Tell Entrants About Your Brand

Every giveaway will have plenty of contestants that barely know the brand. Giveaways are meant to go viral and reach people who would discover your brand for the first time.

A congratulations email can be an ideal place to offer more information on your brand.

Set Expectations of What Sort of Emails Entrants Will Get in the Future

Now that your email list is juiced up, and the hype around the giveaway is about to fade out, it’s time to get going with your email marketing strategy.

Let your new audience know more about the emails that you plan on sending them in the near future.

These emails can be email sequences or stories. You can also mention that you will be sending out monthly newsletters and weekly promotional emails. Make sure that you send out your emails at the right time for better results.

Convert Entrants to Customers

A congratulations email can also be a means of converting entrants into paying customers. Don’t be discouraged when communicating with someone who entered your giveaway.

If the prize was a product that you sell, like a pair of headphones, you could offer the entrant a cheaper pair at a reduced price.

Have a Clear Unsubscribe to Get Rid of Low-Quality Leads

It’s crucial that you give your new list of email subscribers the option to unsubscribe. This will allow cold leads with little to no interest in your brand to leave your email list, which will make your list more valuable.

You want to market to people who are interested in your brand.

Tips on Writing Better Subject Lines

The video above offers some useful tips on writing headlines for blog posts. The same tips can also be applied to writing subject lines for your emails. Some of the tips include:

  • Writing multiple versions of your subject line – If you are crafting an email that will be sent to all your subscribers, take the time to come up with a few alternate versions first before deciding on the one you will use.
  • Understand your readers – The better you know your target audience, the more relatable your subject line can be. People are more likely to open an email that aligns with their interests.
  • Positive or negative call out – Again, knowing your target audience will help with this. Sometimes, negative subject lines might get more clicks than positive ones. You will have to know how to spin the subject line in such a way that people will not get offended.
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The Best Congratulations Email Examples

General Contest Winner Announcement

Subject 01: The winner of the XXXXX giveaway!
Subject 02: Congratulations, contest winner!

Hi {{name}},

We have a huge announcement and you’re going to like it!

Grand Winner = John Smith
Runner Up Winner = {{name}}

To unlock your prize, follow the below instructions.

Step 1 = XXXX
Step 2 = XXXX

Over the next days I will be sharing tip on how to XXXXX.


Weekly Contest Winner Announcement (Evergreen)

Subject 01: This weeks winner of the XXXX giveaway
Subject 02: Congratulations {{jack}}, you won

Hi {{name}},

The weekly winner is on the {{}} giveaway is XXXX

Not to worry, there is always next week.

You can do a few things to increase your chance of winning, 

1. Refer others with your link {{}}
2. Complete bonus actions

So login to the giveaway dashboard and start learning those points. 


Social Media Driven Contest Winner Announcement

Subject 01: 🌟 You Made It Happen! Announcing Our Social Star Winner! 🌟
Subject 02: Cheers to Our Social Media Savvy Winner – It’s Celebration Time!

Hi {{name}},

The excitement has peaked, and the results are in! Our social media contest has found its shining star, and we’re thrilled to share the spotlight with you!

🏆 Social Star Winner: Jane Doe (@janedoe)
🎉 First Runner-Up: {{name}} (That’s you!)

Jane’s creative flair and engagement truly set her apart, but it was a close race, thanks to your incredible contributions. We’re all about spreading joy and appreciation, so here’s a little token to keep the spirits high!

🎁 Special Surprise for You: As a token of our gratitude, enjoy a 10% off coupon on your next purchase with us. Just use the code THANKYOU10 at checkout.

Stay tuned for more contests, and remember, every post, like, and share brings us closer. You’re not just followers; you’re family.

Let’s keep the conversation going and the community thriving. Here’s to more fun and creativity ahead!

Warm regards,


Email Subscriber Exclusive Contest Winner Announcement

Subject 01: Exclusive News for Our Beloved Subscribers – We Have a Winner!
Subject 02: As a Valued Subscriber, You Deserve to Know First – Our Contest Winner Revealed!

Dear {{name}},

As a cherished member of our email family, you’re always at the forefront of our thoughts. That’s why we’re bringing you the exclusive scoop on our latest contest results before anyone else!

🌟 Grand Prize Winner: Michael Clark
🏅 Special Mention: {{name}} – For your enthusiastic participation and support.

Michael’s entry captured the essence of what we’re all about, and we’re excited to celebrate his achievement. However, the spotlight also belongs to you. Your participation has not only enriched our contest but has also helped strengthen the bonds within our community.

As a gesture of our appreciation, we’re offering you early access to our upcoming product launch. You’ll be the first to know and enjoy a special discount that we reserve only for our closest community members.

Stay tuned for an email with all the details, and thank you for being a pivotal part of our journey. Your support fuels our passion and creativity, making everything we do so much more meaningful.

Looking forward to sharing more exciting news and opportunities with you soon!

Best wishes,


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Giveaway Emails FAQ

❓️ When should I send emails when hosting a giveaway?

You can send emails before (giveaway announcement), during (engagement emails), and after (winner announcement).

❓️ What must I include in giveaway emails?

All information related to your giveaway (entry method, end date, prize, etc.). You can also insert links to your website, socials, and the product page of the prize (if the prize is your own product).

❓️ I’m a bit hesitant about sending out an email to announce the winner because of a potential uproar from entrants that don’t win. What do I do?

Not everyone can be a winner, which is the unfortunate reality of a giveaway. People who don’t win will be disappointed. Some may get upset and can respond negatively to your brand and audience. It’s best to ease this possible tension by offering non-winners a gift for participating. Eg. a discount or free shipping on their next purchase from your store.


Contest winner announcement emails are considered to be priority emails for people who have entered a giveaway, which is why congratulations emails are crucial to your brand.

When sending out a congratulations email, you will have to prepare a few drafts and make sure that there are no spelling mistakes.

A well-prepared congratulations email that offers non-winners value will send more targeted traffic to your website. The aim of a giveaway is to allow new customers to discover your brand.

Your congratulations email is one of the first impressions that you will have on your new leads. Make the most of it!

Are you currently sending out contest winner announcement emails for your contests? Share with us your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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