Managed Services

Need some help running your viral campaign?

After seeing behind the scenes on thousands of campaigns, both successful and unsuccessful, we’ve learned how to make your next campaign a roaring success.

By working with us and our partners, you’ll get a full dedicated team that will run every part of your VYPER campaign.

What’s included with managed services?

  • Landing page design
  • Infrastructure set-up
  • Emails written for you
  • Reward program designed and fully installed
  • A single Vyper plan for your campaign

This is a complete turn key solution if you’re looking to grow your business, website, podcast etc.

Why use managed services?

  • Save time
  • Use the latest growth hacks
  • Leverage VYPER to its fullest potential
  • Get better results
  • Leverage our extensive experience
  • No contracts required, cancel at any time

Our minimum fee is $2,500 / campaign and goes up from there (price depends on how involved you need us to be, as we can completely manage your Facebook ads as well or only just run your campaign).

Only select clientele will be accepted! Not every brand is a fit for our services.

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