We reached out and asked a huge number of marketers and growth hackers, “what is the best growth hacking tools and how do you use them?”

We received a lot of submissions, but only chose the tools that were chosen most frequently.

Let’s take a look at the results!


Using Ahrefs is an integral part of our growth marketing strategy and one of the best growth hacking tools. Here is how we use this tool: 

  1. Keyword research is the most essential part of growth hacking. 
    However, it is a time-consuming and tedious process.

    With the help of Ahrefs, we can easily find trending keywords that our target audience is looking for. We produce quality content using those keywords to improve search engine ranking and overall ROI. 
  2. Ahrefs helps us in keeping an eye on our competitors. We can completely understand why our competitors are ranking so high and what we need to do to outrank them.

    First, we find out what competitors are ranking for, then create similar content. Next, we find keywords that our competitors are not targeting and may not have the highest search volume. We target these so that we can rank faster by avoiding high-competition keywords. 
  3. We find opportunities that we have missed out on by uncovering how our competitors have been building their backlinks.

    Then, we reach out to the sites that have linked to our competitors and try to get a link for our site from them. 

The Results

I’ve 2 specific examples of relevant data/results (how Ahrefs helped us to 
increase our organic traffic): 

  1. Links/mentions for GigWorker (a new site of our company) from the likes of HR.com, MerlineOne, and Business2Community).

    We have yet to see a sharp increase in our organic traffic, but within only 2 months or so, we have earned unique backlinks from over 150 referring domains apart from a continuous improvement in our DR and UR as this screenshot shows.
  2. We have used the same strategy for our partner site, Ridester.com. The result?

    First, traffic increased from 0 to 253K unique monthly visitors.

    Second, traffic increased again from 253K to 650K after 7 months.

    Finally, after 12 months, it increased from 650K to over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors. 
growth hacking tool - ahrefs

Hamna Amjad
Content Marketing Executive @ Gigworker


Outgrow is a tool that allows you to create interactive quizzes which, later on, you can implement on your own website. It’s a great addition to your growth hacking tools list for adding to your “top of funnel” marketing strategy.

Quizzes are an exciting way of hacking growth and virality (if done right). With one simple quiz, you can collect up to a couple of thousands of new leads.

growth hacking tool - outgrow

To do that you have to first do research on what interests your audience the most. It must be personal, it must move curiosity, and it must make people curious to find out what’s the end result.

You should have really in-depth and thoughtful quiz results. This will determine the number of shares that will ignite growth.

Quizzes are a great growth hacking tool as people like to share their results (if these are worth sharing). Thus, spend time on those, make them creative, and well-sounding.

This tool really helps build leads and increase shares of the quiz if it’s of high enough value and interest to your target market.

Jakub Kliszczak
Marketing Specialist, CrazyCall


BuzzSumo is one of my favorite growth hacking tools. It’s a perfect tool for anyone working within content marketing, email or social media outreach, and search engine optimization.

growth hacking tools - buzzsumo

I use it for several things:

  • To follow all the trending, most shared and linked to content within the different topics. This is useful for keeping up to date, but also to see what type of content works right now so I can get inspiration to make something similar. For instance, generating blog post headlines to use.
  • To get notified about other websites linking to me or linking to sites I consider as my competitors. I can then share that content or perhaps reach out to the site linking to my competitors in order to try to get a link too.
  • I also use it to discover influencers and other people interested in my vertical. This can be used to find people to follow or reach out to and see if they could share my content. Similar to the above benefit, if an influencer has engaged with similar content in your niche, it’s likely they will be open to sharing or engaging with your content. Especially if it’s of high quality.

All in all, BuzzSumo is a great tool to discover trending content, monitor the performance of your campaigns, your competitors, identify influencers, and get inspired with great ideas for your next blog post.

Marko Saric
Founder How to Make My Blog


Without traffic, you will have a hard time building a business. Not only that but now you also need followers and an engaged audience if you plan to sell anything online.

That’s why VYPER makes the growth hacking tools list, we also published this post so we couldn’t leave it out LOL. Try it free!

It’s a growth marketing tool that helps brands build traffic, engagement, leads, and customers. It does this by using contests, giveaways, and reward programs.

The reason this tool works so well is the gamification and incentivization aspect. By giving people the incentive to share and engage, you can build an audience that is much easier to monetize. Not only that, but all of the built-in sharing also generates a ton of new customers.

How Contests & Giveaways Work

How Reward Programs Work


Email outreach can be a gift or the most damaging tactics to your brand if abused.

That’s why Mailshake makes the list of top growth hacking tools.

Without the correct settings and email limitations, you will end up in the spam folder faster than your recipient can read the subject line.

This growth tool helps you craft the perfect cold outreach email. It makes sure you have the right subject length, link number, and quality email address to make sure your emails find your leads’ inbox.

Using Mailshake with a number of other tools (mostly ones to attain the contact information for your leads) is a powerful combination.

They also have a bunch of awesome email marketing guides to help your business dominate cold email outreach.


One of the most popular tools submitted to the growth hacking tools list!

PhantomBuster tool helps you quickly grow Facebook groups that you have just made. I have made many Facebook groups for my clients and this is my go-to method to get engagement for their posts and drive traffic to their websites. 

Below is a quick outline of how to use the PhantomBuster tool and why it’s an awesome growth hacking tool!

1. Extract Your Competitor’s Audience from Facebook Groups 

  • Join Facebook Groups that you think has the audience that you wish to target. 
  • Use Phantombuster’s Facebook Group Extractor API. 
  • Set up Facebook Group Extractor API 
  • Click on Settings then set it to Manually 
  • Now click on the three dots under the console 
  • Next, you need to add the URL of your desired Facebook group and the c_user and session cookie xs 
  • After you have installed the extension click on the “Get cookies 
  • From Facebook” 
  • This will download a sheet 

2. Bulk Add them as your friend 

  • First, download this Chrome extension. 
  • Upload your exported list of Facebook URLs into this plugin. 
  • Click on the Play button 

3. Invite them to your group 

  • You can invite them manually or you can use the following method in the link to save time. 

Here is a more in-depth guide, if you want, to look into using this growth hacking tool more.

You can also use Phantombuster for Linkedin and Instagram profiles with these Facebook URLs which can help in branding, advertising, and other stuff.

Yaniv Masjedi
CMO at Nextiva


If you are looking to grow your business, a critical cog to that success is your ability to create engagement and conversation with your users.

Bonjoro is a video emailing tool that integrates with many CRMs and ESPs and allows you to quickly send out a personalized video to a prospect.

One use case I leverage this for was one of my brands HGC for our game Arkon. 

This tool is a little more advanced than others on the growth hacking tools list but it’s definitely worth trying!

We did a test with 100 people who had purchased our product, sending 50 of them Bonjoro generated thank you emails that were custom-tailored and sending 50 standards thank you emails.

We received a 64% response rate from our Bonjoro cohort (32/50) and 16% from our control (8/50).

From our Bonjoro cohort, we received substantially more reviews, future purchases, and even referrals (we ask people how they heard about us and found a handful that listed people from the Bonjoro cohort! 

Using video and email to increase engagement is a growth hack that’s working exceptionally well right now!

Casey H
Director Hill Gaming Company


Colibri helps you increase the online visibility of your brand and increases your SEO efforts.

You can get statistics and information on the people searching for your competitors.

 growth hacking tool - Colibri.io

It’s also an SEO driven growth hacking tool that helped me make essential changes in my online marketing, which ultimately increased the conversion rate. 

It also shows you where your customers are engaging online so that you may take part in relevant conversations across the web. You can even integrate it with Google Analytics to check the stats and measure the success of your outreach strategies. 

Colibri can also perform an on-page SEO analysis to get your pages ranked higher on search engines. This should be the bare minimum when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO.

Jeremy Ong
Founder at HUSTLR


Quuu Promote is a great tool that helps your blog posts go viral. It’s a pretty awesome growth hack to jump-start new blog posts that don’t have too much traffic yet.

Other than that, we use the Facebook retargeting pixel to show our ads to people who have already visited our site and blog. The more a person visits our website, the higher the likelihood of converting them into a customer because they trust you more. 

Facebook retargeting pixels are a great way to get them to come back to your site again and again. 

Laura Cabrera,
Marketing Manager, WPBeginner


TubeBuddy is packed with powerful features that will boost organic video views, explore popular tags, A/B test titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, and much more. 

So lets deep dive into the key features and benefits:

  • Tag Explorer – You can find the best and most trending tags for your videos. The recommendations are customized for your specific channel. 
  • Publish to Social Media – Gain more views by publishing videos directly to your social media accounts (Facebook).
  • A/B Testing – Not sure which thumbnail to use? Or which title will increase CTR? A/B testing feature will allow you to test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails. 
  • Competitor Score – Understand what works well for your competitors, best-ranking tags, subscriber count, view rate, and much more. 
  • Best Time to Publish – If you are already worried about the best time to publish on social media, then you know the importance of getting the timing right. You can automatically find the best time to publish YouTube videos for the audience that you have built. 
  • Brand Alerts – Get notification when someone mentions your channel so that you can stay on top of it. 

What are the results of my channel?

  • More subscribers: As I was able to test more titles and thumbnails, I got a better understanding of which types of titles, descriptions, and thumbnail are engaging. This helped me get more CTR, views, and subscribers. I have more than 1,300 subscribers and 27,000 views.
  • Videos Rank Higher: If you are already using an SEO tool for your website, then why not for YouTube? TubeBuddy allowed me to research and find the best tags for my video, as it plays an important part to rank videos. 
  • More watch time: TubeBuddy told me when and at what time I should publish my videos so that it reaches the maximum number of viewers and get more video watch time. 

I highly recommend TubeBuddy to any growth hackers/growth marketers to scale their marketing efforts and optimize their digital campaigns. 

Anand Iyer
YouTuber, Blogger, and Digital Marketer


Klaviyo is a great email marketing growth tool that helps drive a good number of traffic and sales once you have a solid email list.

It’s not a dedicated “growth hacking tool” but is definitely important in your business if you are doing email marketing so we had to include it.

We use it for every special shopping event to boost our website sales. Recently, we ran a Prime Day Campaign through Klaviyo and it went well in terms of both traffic and conversions. 

Email Drips

Traffic & Conversion

As you can see, we ran the campaign for 4 days at different timings and the results are absolutely amazing for an email marketing campaign.

Syed Ali Hasan,
Owner F Jackets

Google Trends 

Google Trends is the most accessible free growth hacking tool that is available to all marketers. Making viral content is all about creating the right piece and putting it out at the right moment. 

growth hacking tools - google trends

Google Trend’s Realtime Search Trends tab gives you an overview of what’s currently hot. You can find a topic that is organically training at the moment and create a piece related to that topic. Of course, it must match your niche and what you’re writing about on usual. 

While Google Trends doesn’t show you any complex metrics, scores, and KPIs, it does give you a clear look at what people are currently searching for.

The crucial thing is whether you’re able to capitalize on the current trend and get into already trending news. 

Jakub Kliszczak
Marketing Specialist, CrazyCall


Whenever we start a new business or aim to increase brand awareness, cold email is the #1 choice. 

It’s getting harder to be successful at cold emails, but thanks to Hunter, the whole process – from prospecting to automating emails is effortless. 

It helps you to find and verify prospects’ email addresses, build accurate lead lists, create personalized cold email sequences, measure the performance of your campaigns, and manage all the conversations from one dashboard.

I use it for a few things:

  • Cleaning my email lists: Since I don’t want to have inaccurate email addresses in my lists due to the risk of deliverability issues, it’s easy to upload huge lists in a bulk verifier and see whether the email address is valid or not. 
  • Finding emails of decision makers I want to reach: One of the main challenges of a cold email is finding the valid email address of your prospects, which is just a click away with Hunter. 
  • Automating email outreach without losing personalized touch: With cold emails, you want to craft personalized emails but also send them on a scale. You can easily import your lead lists in Hunter Campaigns, personalize your email copy, and automate the entire sending process.

Antonio Gabric, Founder Viralspy

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, all the growth hacking tools to take your brand to the next level. We will be keeping this list up to date so if there are any tools you use and recommend, add them in the comments below. The ones with the most upvotes will be added.

If you want to learn more about growth hacking and marketing, check out some of these training videos and courses from VYPER.

We also have a ton of case studies that show you how to 2-3x your email list, social following, and revenue using giveaways, contests, and reward programs!

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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