Motobilt is a company that sells custom fabrication parts, tools, builder parts, for off-road vehicles, hot rods, rat rods, and more. Here’s the blog post they wrote about their experience with VYPER.

They ran a contest on August 16th and ran it for roughly 2 weeks.

The Contest:

The Results:

  • 4,290 new emails in 15 days – that’s 286 new emails per day.
  • YouTube subscribers up 2,000%.
  • Drastic increase in Facebook likes (currently 160k+).
  • Drastic increase in Twitter followers.

How did they promote it?

  • Motobilt shared it heavily to their current social media audience.
  • Facebook groups related to their niche. (We wrote about getting traffic from Facebook groups here).
  • Forums related to their niche.
  • Said they would announce the winners live over FB & Instagram.
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Made several follow-ups to their audience

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Interesting stats

  • The viral sharing aspect killed it for him. One contestant gained 900 entries by himself.
  • 45,151 views for his contest.
  • 2,000%+ YouTube subs. Nice!

Commentary by VYPER

  • What we really liked about this contest was the sleek design. The header was very easy to read, which is a problem we see with several contests that are running on our platform.
  • Make sure you promote the contest with both your current audience as well as new organic traffic — Facebook groups are amazing for finding new free traffic.
  • Reddit could’ve been a great source of traffic that they didn’t tap into.
  • The contest body was pretty short, but we didn’t mind it for this contest because the prize was pretty self explanatory.
  • Possibly could’ve been a better contest if they advertised the price of the bumper (depending on its cost).
  • Adding second place prizes would’ve helped.
  • Adding an opt-in bribe would’ve helped convert more customers (could’ve sent your users a coupon).
  • There was even an optional up-sell, which is pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.39.59 AM

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