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Case study by PhotoWhoa – The main goal of our giveaway was to increase our subscriber count:

Emails – 1802+
Facebook – 700+
YouTube – 236+
Twitter – 175+


Our main focus of this giveaway was to increase our subscriber count. But apart from the main objective, we had an alternative objective – to increase our social interaction.

This giveaway enabled us to target both the concerns in one go. WIN WIN!

About The PhotoWhoa

Photo Whoa helps Photographers discover awesome, innovative, and informative photography products at discount prices. It brings the best industry products from world famous photographers and photography brands at a discounted price.

The Giveaway Prize

Deciding on the price was majorly influenced by photography as it aligns to our target audience. We decided to offer three winners a set of our best products. The total value of the prize was more than $2000 (enough to make someone stop and consider).

With VYPER the entire process was very easy. There was a huge list of prizes that were being offered and to present it was a challenge but with VYPER’s it was simple to present all the prizes in an enticing manner using their editor.

The Promotional Strategy

The majority of the promotion we did was through our social media channels and existing email list as the target was referral participants. We also submitted the giveaway to a few sweepstakes and giveaway sites.

Sending the giveaway to our existing email list may sound counterintuitive, but we were sure that we’d get a fair amount of referral traffic as our list is pretty engaged. We knew the prize was big enough to get them to enter themselves and would post the contest to their own social media channels to get extra entries (handled most of the promotion for us!).

We also found that out current list shared the contest with their friends through email as this was a little more personal and they were familiar with our brand!

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you include a lot of information in your giveaway landing page. Make sure they know what they are signing up to.
  • Remember to promote the giveaway to your own list first, these people most likely know similar minded people who would be in your target audience.
  • Aim to offer high-value prize pools, people need to really want what you have to offer.

So if you think a giveaway is right for your company head over to to see some examples and start a free trial.



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