Consumer spending drastically increases during April, which is why it’s wise to get your brand involved in Easter. Hosting an Easter giveaway will allow your brand to stand out and effectively promote itself during this time. 

Not sure what to do next? No worries, we’ve got your back!

This guide has exclusive Easter giveaway ideas, along with advice on choosing the best prize. We even threw in some real-world Easter giveaway examples to help you better understand the strategies that some brands use in their campaigns. 

And lastly, we included a Q&A section to address common issues with Easter giveaways. 

But first, let’s have a look at some Easter stats.

Easter Giveaway

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Why Host an Easter Giveaway?

Easter is a celebration that takes place in more than 95 countries globally. While it is mostly a religious celebration, Easter is also a time filled with diverse cultural events. 

People from various nations and religious backgrounds have also joined in on Easter celebrations. Partly due to the fact that many countries have holidays around Easter. 

With so many people invested in Easter, spending during this period is through the roof.

Easter Spending

People spend on items such as:

  • Eggs 
  • Candy
  • Easter baskets
  • Decorations
  • Toys 
  • Greeting cards
  • And more 

Americans spend a lot on these items (and more) on Easter and the total spending during that time is insane.

Here are the stats:

Easter Product Spending
Source: Clothing RIC

So, as you can see, Easter is an excellent time to promote your brand and dive right into that immense consumer spending. 

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand during Easter is with an Easter giveaway. 

In the sections below, we will analyze Easter giveaways to reveal the expert strategies used. We also answer a bunch of Easter giveaway questions. 

But first, let us present to you, our Easter giveaway ideas (prize ideas included!).

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Easter Giveaway, Contest, and Prize Ideas

We came up with exclusive and original giveaway ideas that you are more than welcome to use. If you have a few great ideas of your own, please feel free to share them with us. 

Also, contact us if you need more info regarding the Easter giveaway ideas we have laid out below. 

Candy Giveaway

Easter is a time of year that is synonymous with candy consumption. Chocolate eggs are among the most popular treats that are associated with Easter. 

An Easter Bunny Chocolate Giveaway is an excellent idea.

Abdallah Candies Easter Gift Set
Source: Abdallah Candies

Easter Bunny Chocolate Giveaway

  • Prize: A mega chocolate bundle filled with chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies
  • Ideal for: Candy brands, cooking brands, or department stores
  • Target audience: People with a sweet tooth, parents wanting sweets for their kids, or people that traditionally celebrate Easter with candy gifts
  • Entry method: Submit your email to enter, locate the Easter bunny, or submit your Easter recipe

You can adjust this giveaway to include candy, cupcakes, and even energy drinks. Stick to products that have a theme that is in line with Easter for maximum effect. 

Turn this campaign into a contest by getting users to submit art, recipes, or poems to enter.

Toy Giveaway

Cute plush toys or kids’ toys are great for getting kids excited about Easter. Cuddly bunny plush toys or mini squishable bunnies are perfect Easter giveaway prizes.

Easter Plush Toys
Source: The Paper Store

An Easter Basket giveaway is another excellent idea. You can give away a cute Easter basket that’s filled with a bunch of toys, sweets, fidget toys, and chocolates.

Easter Bunny Bag

Easter Bunny Plush Toy or Toy Basket Giveaway 

  • Prize: Easter bunny plush toys or a toy and sweet easter basket bundle
  • Ideal for: Toy brands, kids clothing/bag brands, or grocery stores
  • Target audience: Plush teddy bear lovers, people with kids, or toy lovers/collectors
  • Entry method: Submit your email to enter, send us your Easter drawing, or follow us to enter

Seeing that a toy giveaway is more kid-centric, your entry method can be something fun and engaging for them. 

For example, coloring or drawing competitions. Entrants must submit a drawing of the Easter bunny to enter. 

A toy giveaway can also appeal to collectors. For example, a Marvel Superhero statue giveaway.

Sideshow Avengers Statue Giveaway
Source: Sideshow

A Marvel giveaway held over Easter will attract an older audience as well. People that are interested in comic books or superhero movies.

Merch Giveaway

Content creators and influencers can certainly host an Easter giveaway. The prize can simply be their merch. 

In the case of a brand sponsor collaboration giveaway, the prize can be the brand’s product. More on this below. 

Leon Lush Merch
Source: Bunker Branding

Merch Easter Giveaway

  • Prize: The influencer’s merch or the sponsored brand’s products
  • Ideal for: Influencers, content creators, or brands that use influencers to promote their products
  • Target audience: An online audience made up of the influencer’s followers or social media users
  • Entry method: Submit your email to enter, follow us (and our sponsor) to enter, or Share this video and tag a friend

Social media influencers regularly team up with brands to host online giveaways. The brand sponsors the prize for the giveaway and has the influencer promote the campaign on their social. 

This strategy allows the influencer to effectively market the giveaway and drive traffic and followers to the brand sponsor. 

Your brand can host a simple easter giveaway by teaming up with an influencer who will expose your brand and product to their audience. 

VYPER Influencer Giveaway

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Key Easter Sales Trends for 2024: What to Watch Out For

As Easter 2024 approaches, retailers are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. This season, we’re seeing a blend of traditional and emerging trends that savvy businesses can capitalize on to boost sales. Here’s what to keep an eye on:

  1. Sustainability Takes Center Stage: Consumers are increasingly favoring eco-friendly and sustainable products. Offerings emphasizing minimal environmental impact, from packaging to product lifecycle, are expected to surge in demand.
  2. Personalization and Customization: Shoppers are looking for personalized Easter gifts more than ever. Products that can be customized through monogramming or bespoke packaging are likely to attract attention.
  3. Online Shopping Continues to Dominate: The trend towards online shopping is going strong. Ensure your online storefront is optimized for ease of use, and consider offering Easter-specific promotions to drive traffic.
  4. Experience-driven Purchases: Beyond tangible products, consumers are seeking experiences. Think along the lines of Easter-themed events or workshops that can be gifted.
  5. Mobile Shopping and Social Media: With consumers increasingly using their smartphones, a mobile-optimized shopping experience and social media marketing are crucial.

By staying ahead of these trends, retailers can position themselves for a successful Easter 2024 sales season, meeting consumers’ evolving needs and preferences.

Real-World Easter Giveaway Examples

We analyzed some interesting Easter giveaways to discover foolproof strategies that your brand can use today. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Print on Demand Easter Giveaway (YouTube)

  • Entry Method: Submit your email to enter
  • Prize: A Free Month of Merch Informer
  • Ideal for: Small online services, businesses, or Freelancers

Print on Demand is a YouTube channel dedicated to delivering tips on selling products online. RJ Martinez is the host who regularly provides info on the type of niches you should focus on when developing and promoting products.

RJ uploaded a video on the 20 Best T-Shirt Print On Demand Niches for Easter. In it, he discusses unique T-shirt designs that you can use to create Easter merch. RJ also features a giveaway in the video to promote his channel and the Merch Informer brand.

RJ Martinez Print on Demand YouTube
Source: YouTube @RJMartinez

Key Takeaways:

  • A YouTuber teaming up with an e-comm brand for a giveaway is always a win-win. The YouTuber can use the giveaway to gain views and followers, while the e-comm brand gets new leads/signups.
  • The giveaway is a great way for Merch Informer to gain exposure. RJ Martinez introduced Merch Informer to his audience via the giveaway.
  • Even without the giveaway, the video is valuable and informative. Even if you don’t win, you still have some useful information to apply in your life. This is why many YouTubers host giveaways within their videos instead of creating separate giveaway videos.
  • The Merch Informer prize is very relevant to the audience. This means that the giveaway will draw high-quality leads for both parties involved.

A Little Extra Earing Giveaway – (Instagram)

  • Entry Method: Follow me to enter, like and share the post
  • Prize: White Bunny Earrings (3 Winners)
  • Ideal for: Small online businesses or Etsy Store Owners

A Little Extra is an online store that specializes in homemade clay earrings. Like most Shopify stores, A Little Extra regularly promotes itself on Instagram. 

A Little Extra hosted an Easter Giveaway on Instagram to celebrate Easter and the brand’s new Easter collection. Their goal is to grow their audience on the platform while promoting their Easter collection. 

Instagram users are required to engage with A Little Extra to enter the giveaway. They will also have to like the giveaway post and share it with their Instagram Stories. 

A Little Extra Instagram Giveaway
Source: Instagram

Key Takeaways:

  • Giving away your own products is always a great way to promote your store and products. Hosting the giveaway will also help you find an audience on the platform. 
  • Asking entrants to share the post to their stories will make the giveaway post more discoverable among the entrants’ followers. 
  • As a bonus entry, users are required to tag their friends in the post. This helps gamify the campaign with people competing for more entries. Users tagging their friends will also boost engagement on the post, making the post more viral and discoverable on Instagram.

Beautiful Easter Giveaway – @roseandbeetextiles (Instagram)

  • Entry Method: Follow us to enter, like and save the giveaway post, share the giveaway post to stories
  • Prize: Set of 6 decoupage Easter eggs and bunny ear basket
  • Ideal for: Niche brands, small businesses, or online stores

Rose & Bee is an Instagram user that specializes in modern rope baskets and homeware. 

An Easter giveaway is an ideal way to promote their brand and their rope baskets. Especially the baskets that feature cute bunny ears!

For their Instagram giveaway, Rose & Bee teamed up with Mimosa Baby to give away a cute rope basket filled with 6 decoupage Easter eggs. Rose and Bee supplied the basket and Mimosa Baby sponsored the eggs. 

Rose and Bee Easter Giveaway
Source: Instagram @roseandbeetextiles

Key Takeaways:

  • This giveaway prize is appropriate and perfectly suits the Easter theme.
  • Teaming up with another brand to host a giveaway is an excellent idea. Especially for small brands. In this giveaway, they both sponsored part of the prize to create one complete and unique prize.
  • Giveaway entrants were required to engage with both brands. This meant that both brands benefited from all leads generated from this campaign.

The Nastee-ist Festival Giveaway – (Website)

  • Entry Method: Fill in the form to enter, share the giveaway, and complete tasks
  • Prize: Nastee prize bundle. Includes clothing, earplugs, hydration pack, and more
  • Ideal for: Clothing brands, online stores, or festival/concert giveaways

Nastee is a clothing company that’s focused on producing whimsical attire for clubbers and casual bar hoppers. 

They hosted a massive festival giveaway that took place just before Easter. The giveaway comes at a perfect time when public gatherings are beginning to open up. 

Nastee partnered with other brands (Wekapo, Eargasm, and SoJourner) to build a bigger prize and a better giveaway. 

Each brand sponsors an item that will be included in a prize bundle. This means a larger giveaway prize to attract more people. 

All brands can help in promoting the giveaway and can then share the leads generated from this campaign. 

Nastee Festival Giveaway

Key Takeaways:

  • A time-sensitive giveaway hosted close to Easter. It may not have a strong Easter theme, but it will still appeal to its target audience over Easter.
  • Nastee partnered with other brands to host this giveaway. This led to a larger giveaway and a diverse giveaway prize that will appeal to more people. 
  • Nastee and the giveaway could also simply giveaway gift cards to their online stores. This can mean one large gift card giveaway.

Easter Fudge Lovers Giveaway – @MrStanleys (Twitter)

  • Entry Method: Follow us to enter, like and retweet the giveaway post, leave a comment with the location of the hidden Easter egg
  • Prize: Fudge Lover’s gift box (candy bundle)
  • Ideal for: Food brands, online stores, or small brands wanting to build their Twitter profiles 

Mr. Stanley’s is a fudge and toffee brand that regularly promotes itself on Twitter. They wholesale their products to candy stores in the UK.

An interactive Easter giveaway is the ideal campaign to boost Mr. Stanley’s Twitter engagement. To enter, users must find the hidden easter egg in the giveaway post. They must then leave a comment on the post with the exact location of the easter egg.

Mr. Stanleys Easter Giveaway
Source: Twitter @MrStanleys

This entry method drastically boosts engagement in the post, making it go viral on Twitter. A viral Twitter giveaway only leads to more giveaway entrants.

Key Takeaways:

  • A fun and engaging campaign that requires users to play along. 
  • The entry method requires users to Follow, Like, Retweet, and comment. This results in user-generated content (UGC), an increase in followers, and a boost in engagement on the giveaway post. The massive engagement boost will potentially lead to a viral tweet.
  • The giveaway is hosted over a period of two weeks and well ahead of Easter.

Huge Free Easter Giveaway – @PurpleStars02 (YouTube)

  • Entry Method: Subscribe to enter, like the video, and leave a comment
  • Prize: Bundle of gifts ranging from makeup to toys and sweets
  • Ideal for: Micro-influencers, makeup brands, or brands looking to use a YouTuber to promote their products

PurpleStars02 is a YouTube channel hosted by Kayla Ann, a YouTuber that creates makeup and lifestyle vlogs. 

Kayla put together a massive prize bundle that is made up of a bunch of goodies. The bundle includes cute items like lip balm, plush toys, candy, and more.

Purple Stars YouTube Giveaway Easter
Source: YouTube @PurpleStars02

We love how Kayla put together a bunch of small, relatively inexpensive products and treats together to build a huge prize bundle. The candy and products (egg bouncy ball, candy-flavored lip balm, etc.) are in keeping with the Easter theme. 

Key Giveaways:

  • Simple YouTube giveaway to grow subscribers and promote merch and other products. 
  • A massive prize bundle made up of a ton of small, cheap items.
  • The giveaway video showcases the products being given away. Kayla also informs users on how they can enter her giveaway.

Bunny Egg Jar Giveaway – @theonlywayis_pink (Instagram)

  • Entry Method: Follow me to enter, like and save post, and tag a friend
  • Prize: Easter egg jar
  • Ideal for: Micro-influencers, home and kitchen brands, or baking/cooking brands

Kara is an Instagram influencer and mom that runs The Only Way is Pink Instagram page. Her posts range from lifestyle vlogs to home decor and improvement tips.

Kara hosted a small Easter giveaway on Instagram to boost her profile and engagement. She succeeded by giving away a classy easter egg jar. Users had to follow her and engage with the giveaway post to enter.

The Only Way is Pink Giveaway
Source: Instagram @theonlywayis_pink

Key Takeaways:

  • Small and simple giveaway to increase audience and engagement 
  • An ideal Easter egg-themed prize that also fits the influencer pink theme
  • A giveaway to celebrate the milestone of reaching 8k followers and to say thank you to hose followers

Cute Easter Egg NFT Giveaway – @eggscapeclub (Twitter)

  • Entry Method: Follow me to enter, tag 3 friends, and join my discord
  • Prize: Easter egg NFT
  • Ideal for: Content creators, NFT marketplaces, or Influencers

The Eggscape Club is an NFT brand that produces collectible Easter egg NFTs. They recently created a Twitter account to promote their brand online. 

An Easter giveaway is exactly what The Eggscape Club needs to grow its Twitter audience. The prize? An exclusive Easter egg NFT. 

Users must follow Eggscape to enter. Eggscape also requests users to join their Discord channel to enter. 

Egg Scape Club NFT Giveaway
Source: Twitter @eggscapeclub

Key Takeaways:

  • A unique giveaway that is very relevant in regards to the current NFT trend and Easter. 
  • We love seeing how brands use giveaways to grow themselves on various platforms. This is a great example of how to use a giveaway to invite users to join your Discord channel. 
  • The prize is relevant to easter and isn’t too costly for the host to produce.
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Easter Giveaway and Contest Q&A

When should I host an Easter giveaway?

Easter promos already begin in March. If your giveaway is a tool for promoting your brand, then hosting an Easter giveaway in March along with your Easter promos is perfect. 

You can also consider hosting a giveaway early in April or even over the Easter holidays. This will allow your brand to stand out on these crucial days. However, you can miss out on early Easter consumer shopping.

What are appropriate prizes to give away?

Almost anything with an Easter theme will do. Eg. items related to eggs, bunnies, egg hunts, etc. Ideally, you would want to give away candy and other treats or toys as discussed in this post. 

However, if your brand doesn’t necessarily cater to Easter, you could try and find a common Easter theme in your products. Or, partner with another brand with the appropriate products.

What are good entry methods for an Easter giveaway?

It all depends on your goals. Asking for an email to enter is ideal in building an email list. Asking users to follow you and engage with the giveaway post is ideal for building your social media presence. 

Other notable entry methods are getting people to download your app or software to enter. Visit your website to enter. Or submit a selfie to enter, which promotes UGC (user-generated content).

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Easter giveaways are fantastic campaigns used to effectively promote brands during April. With consumer spending at a high during this period, a giveaway can certainly make your brand stand out. 

After analyzing other Easter giveaways, we found that simple Easter-themed giveaways with small prizes worked just fine. An Easter basket with chocolate eggs did enough to boost engagement on a small Instagram user’s account. 

Let us know what you think of our Easter giveaway ideas and examples in the comments below. Please feel free to share more ideas and examples with us.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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