What’s the easiest way to kickstart your giveaway, contest or sweepstakes?

It’s to submit it to each one of these giveaways submissions sites. This list of giveaway promotion websites includes directories, forums, and communities that all partake in giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes.

list of giveaway promotion sites

Please remember, contest directory sites like the ones will below do tend to consist of lower quality traffic, but it’s fantastic for building momentum and your initial viral shares. If you are selling a more general product some of these people will still convert and more than likely introduce your brand to new customers who definitely will.

If your company sells a more niche product, it’s better to advertise your contest in places where your audience hangs out. This includes Facebook groups, niche forums, partners/affiliates, and paid advertising.

Make sure you’re using the VYPER contest building platform to take full advantage of this list. It helps you maintain a high quality of leads while still fully leveraging the virality of social and referral marketing.

Giveaway Promotion Sites

  • 1sweepstakes.com
  • bloggiveawaydirectory.com/list-your-giveaway-for-free/
  • contestchest.com/list-a-contest
  • contests.about.com
  • contestwatchers.com/submit-contest/
  • doubleprizes.com/contests/new?utf8=%E2%9C%93&submit=
  • enteronlinesweeps.com/submit-a-sweeps/
  • giveawaybase.com
  • giveawayfrenzy.com/giveaway-submit/
  • giveawayhunt.com
  • giveawayjunkie.com/submit_your_giveaway.php
  • giveawaymonkey.blogspot.com/p/submit-listing.html
  • ilikepromos.com/
  • international-giveaways.blogspot.com/p/submit-your-giveaway.html
  • juliesfreebies.com/list-your-giveaway/
  • justsweep.com/submit-a-giveaway/
  • makobiscribe.com/for-the-blogger/places-to-submit-your-giveaways/
  • slickdeals.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=25
  • sweepstakesmax.com/Add-Sweepstakes
  • sweeptight.com/submit-a-sweepstakes
  • sweetiessecretsweeps.com/submitsweeps/
  • sweetiessweeps.com/submit-a-sweeps
  • 5minutesformom.com/giveaways/
  • anyluckyday.com/submit-giveaway
  • bigsweeps.com
  • bloggiveawaydirectory.com/submit-a-giveaway/
  • contest-corner.com/submit-a-giveaway/
  • contestbee.com
  • contestbee.com/submit/
  • contestcanada.net
  • contestcanada.net/add-contest/
  • contestchest.com
  • contestformoms.com/submit-your-contest/
  • contestgirl.com
  • contestgirl.com/add-sweepstakes.pl
  • contestheat.com
  • contesthound.com
  • contesthound.com/advertise-sweepstakes-or-contests/
  • contestlisting.com/submit/
  • doubleprizes.com
  • emperola.com
  • emperola.com/submit-contest
  • enzasbargains.com
  • fforfree.net/p/submit-your-contests.html
  • freecenter.com/db/add.cgi?type=contest
  • giveawaycube.com/page?id=3
  • giveawayfrenzy.com
  • giveawayjunkie.com
  • giveawaymonkey.com
  • giveawaypromote.com
  • giveawaypromote.com/submit-giveaway/
  • giveawayroute.com/p/submit-giveaway.html
  • giveawayscoop.com/add/
  • giveawayscout.com/addblog/
  • giveawaysnews.com
  • hypersweep.com
  • hypersweep.com/submit/submit.cfm
  • ilovegiveaways.com
  • ilovegiveaways.com/submit-giveaway
  • infinitesweeps.com
  • infinitesweeps.com/submit/
  • international-giveaways.blogspot.com
  • internationalgiveaways.com
  • justsweep.com
  • luckycontests.com
  • luckycontests.com/contactonline-sweepstakes.com/addasweep/
  • mysavings.com
  • online-sweepstakes.com
  • ozbargain.com.au/node/add/competition
  • prizeatron.com/2007/01/how-to-submit-your-contest.html
  • reddit.com/r/sweepstakes/submit
  • sandysrealm.com/add-a-sweep/
  • sharkki.com
  • shoppingbookmarks.com
  • simplystacie.net/2010/03/sites-to-list-your-giveaways/
  • super-sweeps.com/submitsweep.php
  • sweepsadvantage.com
  • sweepstakes-search.com
  • sweepstakes-search.com/add-sweepstakes.html
  • sweepstakes.bz/addasweeps.asp
  • sweepstakesbible.com
  • sweepstakesbug.com
  • sweepstakesbug.com/submit/
  • sweepstakescrazy.com/submit-sweeps.htm
  • sweepstakesfanatics.com
  • sweepstakesfrenzy.com
  • sweepstakeslovers.com
  • sweepstakeslovers.com/suggest-a-sweepstakes/
  • sweepstakesmag.com
  • sweepstakesmania.com/addasweep
  • sweepstakesmax.com
  • sweetiessweeps.com
  • thefreesite.com/submit/
  • theprizefinder.com
  • theprizefinder.com/upload-competitions
  • tightwadinutah.com/p/submit-low-entry-giveaway.html
  • totallyfreestuff.com/submit.asp?m=13
  • usacontestsonline.com/add-a-contest/
  • weusecoupons.com/upload/enter-my-blog-contest/
  • win-free-stuff.ca/add-a-contest
  • win.ly
  • winasweepstakes.com
  • winasweepstakes.com/submit-sweepstakes

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Let us know if you have any other giveaway promotion sites you think should be added to the list.

Once your contest is up and running, make sure you are levering all these new entrants to share your brand, engage with your content and also tag their friends.

A few contest/giveaway “Bonus Actions” (the task that an entrant does to get awarded extra points) that we see our most successful users consistently using are.

  • Share this Facebook post about the contest
  • Tag 3 friends in this Instagram post about the contest
  • Post the image of our giveaway to your Instagram and tag us
  • Join our Facebook group
  • get $10 off for joining our Facebook Messenger Bot

So make sure you are leveraging these entrants as much as possible.

Even though the people on these contest submission websites are looking mostly for contests to enter, it does not mean they will not be interested in your product in a few weeks, or months.

It’s all about setting up the proper remarketing funnels.

Setup email drips, Facebook and Google ad remarketing campaigns. Also, keep the organic content flowing on 2 or 3 of your strongest channels.

So start working your way through the list of giveaway promotion sites and see how you go.

Good luck and all the best with your contest!


Content marketer at VYPER.io. Over 5 years in email marketing. Built 50k+ email lists. Digital marketing consultant for 7-9 figure businesses.

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