We’re all about viral gamification and growth. That’s why we continue to innovate and improve our product month after month.

So, without any more fluff, we would like to introduce the widget that’s going to grow your business like never before!

See all the innovative ways you can use this new marketing tool below to grow your email list, social following, engagement and market awareness.

vyper growth widget product update

This new feature in VYPER will help business owners do 2 things.

1 – Add their viral contest or giveaway to any page and allow visitors to signup, complete bonus actions and check leaderboard without leaving the page.

2 – Open up the option to create a gamified evergreen lead generation funnel using milestone rewards.

How does it work?

You design the new widget within the VYPER dashboard just like you would a contest or giveaway. There is a walkthrough video below as well as these guided steps.

If you’re running a contest or giveaway you can choose a prize like usual. Something that is of high value to your target marketing is always good.

But if you’re creating an evergreen lead magnet, it’s best to choose coupon codes or digital assets as the milestone rewards.

You can see an example of the evergreen milestone reward on this post. Unlock guides and digital assets for completing bonus actions and referring others to collect points. Once you reach 100 points you unlock a reward.

notification growth example

First, grab users attention with a punchy one-line notification (see above or to the bottom left of screen), as soon as visitors hover over the notification it expands into the lead capture form.

You can be used as a contest or an evergreen lead capture tool.

Below you can see a snapshot of what the expanded state of the widget looks like. This section allows you to add more information to your “hook” which is usually a reward or prize in exchange for an email.

The example below is to get access to a video training library but a few other hooks you could use are:

  • A contest or giveaway (win XXXXX, winners drawn weekly)
  • A downloadable guide, checklist or cheatsheet
  • Discounts (get $10 off)
  • Free plus shipping (get a free pair of sunglasses – coupon 100% off product, just pay shipping)
  • Access to something (videos, members area, event, course etc)
vyper growth widget

Below you can see an example of how you can also add extra fields that show up after the visitor start typing their email in if you like.

Great for collecting phone number, gender, website, location etc. This is used to collect more information on your lead if you wish to.

multiple fields growth widget

Once the entrant enters, you are then confronted with a few options.

Wither you use this as a milestone reward tool or a contest tool the below are the basic fundamentals as to how we get people to either refer others to your business or complete bonus actions (share, follow or engage)

From the 1 widget we allow website visitors to see:

  • How many points they have
  • How they can earn more points
  • How many points until they unlock their next reward
signup growth widget

Below is a quick video on how to set up and use the widget. The main things to remember is “what can I offer my website visitors that will get them excited?”.

People are getting harder and harder to engage, the “what’s in it for me” factor is higher than ever. If you want to get visitors to follow you, share your content and hand over an email address, you need to offer them something GOOD!

Some ideas on how to use the widget for growth

  1. Add contests or giveaways to any page. Just add a line of code in the <body>, it will take you 30 seconds.
  2. Discount milestones. Use the usual discount offer – $5 off in exchange for your email, then they enter the VYPER growth points system. As they collect points they get higher discounts. Require them to refer friends, share content, follow on social and more to get $10 off, then $20 off etc.
  3. Use this widget as an evergreen referral tool. Get visitors to refer others to unlock rewards (content, downloads, access, discounts, free product etc).E.g. Refer 5 people get our free growth hacking course (valued $1299).
  4. Take your content upgrades to the next level. Require visitors to complete actions like watching a video or share a post to unlock the content upgrade. (see the example on this page)

So, now that getting your users to engage, share and communicate with your brand is easier than ever. Set up a campaign and let us know how it goes!

The main takeaways:

  1. Offer a good reward (something your target market would like).
  2. Add the widget to the homepage of your website for maximum exposure.
  3. Prioritize sharing (share on Facebook for 50 points, or retweet XXX for 50 points).
  4. Keep visitors coming back to complete bonus actions and refer others (email, messenger etc.).

If you need some ideas, add a comment below with our company and we can suggest a campaign for you.

  • What prize or reward to offer
  • If you should use an evergreen milestone contest or a regular one
  • What bonus actions to choose

Happy growth hacking, join our Facebook group for more growth hacks and share this post with someone who needs help getting their content or product shared.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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