Webinars are one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience, provide value then push for a sales conversion.

The only issue is, webinars are a balancing act between science and beauty. This interview will take you through the ins and outs of producing awesome webinars that convert.

Henry started out being obsessed with online messenger chat, video broadcasting and working door to door selling a video service. He then got connected to Brandon who is the technical co-founder of JetWebinar. Brandon built JetWebinar then partnered up with Henry to scale the company.

Listen to start creating better webinars.

Main Takeaways – Creating The Perfect Webinar

  1. Getting started with some basic webinar tips
    • Try using Facebook or YouTube live to get some practice (even if no one joins). You also don’t have to do too much marketing, your audience will already be there to watch and Facebook usually sends out a notification saying you are live.
    • Get comfortable on camera. You will find that you have a ton of bad habits on camera, work them out over time. The more camera work you do, the better you will get.
    • Have a checklist agenda you want to cover in the webinar.
    • Take questions at the end to keep the webinar rolling, most questions will be answered by then as well.
    • Set a timer, a good length is 45-60min.
    • Simplify the tech where possible.
  2. Should you automate your webinar?
    • Make sure you have your formula down before looking at automation.
    • Do 5-10 live webinars first, Henry also suggests that you generate over $100k from live webinars before starting to fully automate it.
    • You can, however, automate more basic webinars that are similar content over and over again, this would be things like.
      • Training on a topic (lead generation webinar)
      • Product demos
      • Training employees
  3. Marketing a webinar
    • An email to your list is the first and easiest audience to capture for your webinar.
    • Facebook ads, attendance leads under $1 is considered good. Use interests and look-alike audiences to find new prospecting leads.
    • Google ads – YouTube is already a video platform so it’s perfect for getting webinar sign-ups. Target channels of people in your niche that have a lot of subscribers, capture attention in the first 3 seconds of your video.
  4. Following up from your webinar
    • Make sure you are remarketing people who attend, do not attend and drop out with separate messaging.
    • Send replays, convenience is key.
    • Make sure attendees enter a drip that helps sell whatever you pitched in your webinar. It takes a few touch points to convert people.
    • Try and get feedback after your webinar, what did people like, dislike etc. This will help you improve your next one.

Session Notes

  • Check out JetWebinar and see what they are up to. They are also publishing a lot of great content on running, marketing and automating webinars.
  • Use VYPER to create viral giveaways, contests, leaderboard and rewards programs. You can also use contests at the end of your webinar to get people engaged. Check out this example.
  • Also check out this reviewed list of the top webinar software options.
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