Once at the fringe between mere fooling around and actual digital marketing, it seems that these days, video content has taken over the reins of the internet and is ruling it with a hand of steel. 

OK, that might be a bit dramatic, but the main point is that video marketing has grown in value in ways most people cannot even imagine.

In fact, statistics say that more than half of the users (54% to be more specific) want to see more video content. Even more, 85% of the users in the US said that they watch videos online on a monthly basis. 

With the appetite for video increasing, it makes perfect sense why marketers all over the world would turn their heads (and their hearts) towards video marketing.

To understand just how popular video marketing has grown among digital marketers and just what an insatiable appetite there is for this type of content, think of the fact that in 2018, 81% of the marketers were using video marketing as a tool in their strategy.

That’s shocking, because one year earlier, only 63% of the marketers were invested in video marketing as a strategy. 

Successful Video Marketing

Why Do People Consume Video Content? 

Understanding why people consume so much video content is crucial if you want to make sure you give people what they are looking for – and as such, you will be able to create videos that are more attractive, more compelling, and more engaging too. 

On the other hand, it is more than worth noting that the consumption of video content is very tightly connected to how our brains function.

In short, the human brain is built in a way that makes it easier for it to process images, rather than text.

Ergo, videos keep people closer by attracting them easily and by keeping them engaged with the content throughout the entire duration of the clip. 

Video content is easy.

With reading, you might have to put in a bit of effort and actually spend time with the actual text.

With videos, however, everything is increasingly easy. You turn on the video, you watch, collect your information and then proceed to go about your day. 

Last, but definitely not least, it is also worth mentioning that videos leave your marketing team with a lot more freedom for creativity. There are only so many ways to say something in written text – but so many options when it comes to saying it in images!

You and your team simply don’t have to limit your creativity when it comes to videos – you have to let it roam wild and free, to allow you to give birth to video marketing materials that are truly worth watching! 

The Secrets To Successful Video Marketing 

It would be silly for us to say that we hold the absolute, ever-golden, one-size-fits-all recipe for video marketing success. 

We don’t. 

And nobody else does. In fact, if you ever stumble upon any kind of text or ad that promises you the moon through video marketing, turn on your heels and run as fast as you can – there’s nothing there, but empty words. 

While we may not have the perfect recipe for everyone’s video marketing strategy, we do have the tips that will help you create the kind of videos people can’t ignore, be engaged by, and even increase conversions.

Successful video marketing does not just happen and there is no recipe that will absolutely promise you success. Like with everything in marketing, it is a matter of trial and error more than anything.

You try, you fail, you try again, and so on. Eventually, you find a winner and succeed.

When trying, however, there are a few video marketing tips you should definitely keep in mind. We have gathered them below, so read on and find out more. 

Set A Very Clear Goal For Your Video

Creating videos just for the sake of creativity may be fun, yes, but beyond all of that, your video marketing strategy must have a clearly defined goal and you must abide by it.

Your goal may be the generation of new leads, it may be to increase conversions from viewers to customers, or it may simply be improving the retention rate and making them yours for longer periods of time. 

Whatever it is, set a goal – and make sure there is absolutely no room for interpretation when it comes to it. Yes, numbers help here – so don’t just tell yourself that you want more conversions. Aim for something more specific, like a 20% improvement in the conversion rate. 

Your goal should not be unrealistic either.

Video marketing is a truly amazing tool, yes, but it can’t do magic. What it can do, however, is aligned with your overall marketing strategy and help you create the kind of content that will actually attract people towards your business. 

Do Your Homework 

In our opinion, no marketing strategy ever should be created based on hunches.

There’s just no room for that in the modern world – not when you have so much data available everywhere you turn your head, not when you can easily access it, and definitely not when so much of it is actually free to use for everyone interested. 

Hunches are good and inspiration from the divine forces are amazing, but when it comes to creating the actual strategy of your digital marketing, start with proper research.

You may or may not have to run market studies, but do keep in mind that these studies are only one way by which you can do proper research. 

Research the market, run user interviews if needed, and ask them what they want to see. This is one of the surefire ways to make sure that your content will be appreciated by those who find it online. 

Research the competition and see what they are doing well and what they are not doing well. See where you can do better. Go beyond your direct competitors and do a bit of research in the expanded world of those who might have products like yours too. 

Research everything. Gather data. Analyze. And then, yes, proceed to brainstorm your video marketing strategy.

Failure can be an amazing lesson – but there’s absolutely no need for you to fail your marketing campaigns based on a lack of research and nothing more! 

It’s All About The Video’s Story 

The human being is an oddly social animal. We like being around other people because it offers us a sense of protection and belonging – and both of these needs are inherent to the human condition in general. 

Stories are part of that need of ours to belong.

When someone tells a story, you enter their lives for a minute there. You get to live what they lived, you get to share the emotion, the laughter, and, sometimes, the tears. You become more connected to that person than you could ever imagine!

Humans have always been avid consumers of stories. From the Homo Sapiens of thousands and thousands of years ago to the modern kid who seems to have their smartphones glued to their hands, we have always enjoyed stories. 

That is precisely why it is extremely important to create a story behind your video.

Even if you only present a small product, it is still important to create a story framework around it. Not only will this attract more people towards your video, but this will also keep them watching as well. 

Keep in mind: “story” does not have to equal, “sappy”.

Not every story you tell as a marketer has to be connected to something deeply emotional of any kind.

However, do make an appeal to people’s needs and emotions whenever you can. It creates a special bridge of communication between you and them, making them perceive you as a friendlier face (one they can trust and even appreciate). 

Think Out of The Box 

Video marketing trends tend to happen within the limits of a box – the computer/ smartphone/ tablet/ smart TV first and then the little rectangle by which the video is cornered.

The best part about video marketing, however, is that it doesn’t have to happen within these borders. In fact, it shouldn’t!

You have to think well outside of the box to be able to create a video that will keep your audience entertained and attentive for as much as you need them to – longer if you want to present a complex product, for example, and shorter if you just want to catch their attention and bring their eyes towards a product. 

Be unique and creative with your video!

Create an introduction that will instantly catch the attention of the viewer – the kind of introduction that they simply cannot let go of. You have a few seconds to win the viewers on your side – so be wise and use them intelligently. 

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to play with formats and styles.

At some point, you will establish a point of congruence and you will create videos that are brand compelling, but for now, since you are just starting out, it is quite important to make sure that you fully experiment with everything. 

DO keep optimization in mind as well. Your title should be extremely attractive, but do think of search engine optimization as well. The better optimized your title and your descriptions are, the more people it will reach.

Yes, SEO might seem to kill your creativity, but once you get used working with it, you will discover that it can actually be a pretty good source of ideas when you have a bunch of keywords and want to create a good video title, for example. 

Make Your Video Mobile 

A lot of people watch videos on their mobile. They do it in the morning while getting ready for work, they do it on the subway on their way to work, and they do it at home before they go to sleep. 

Therefore, optimizing for mobile devices is absolutely crucial. You want to make sure your videos are properly seen on a variety of mobile devices, including your smartphone and your tablet.

Test out your videos on these types of devices (and maybe borrow more or ask friends or colleagues) and make sure they look perfect on everything. 

Aside from the large percentage of people who watch videos on their phones and tablets, it is also worth considering that these days, everything that is mobile-friendly is automatically SEO friendly as well – so your videos might become easier to see online if you manage to make them mobile-friendly. 

How to Create Amazing Videos 

OK, we have now given you the conceptual tips behind what your video marketing strategy should be. 

How about the technicalities then? 

What are some of the things you should keep in mind when creating videos for your marketing needs? 

Is it Expensive to Create Good Video Content? 

Yes and no. Some video marketing specialists can be expensive to hire, but in some cases, it may make all the sense in the world to do them, especially if you want to create a special kind of campaign (maybe something that only happens once/ year, like on Christmas for example). 

On the other hand, however, video marketing is more accessible and easier to handle than ever.

It is the kind of marketing tool you can really get for all ranges of prices – from very low to very high. And no, you don’t necessarily have to compromise the quality of your videos if your budget is a bit tighter.

Can You Creat Awesome Videos DIY Style? 

Yes, absolutely! 

You don’t have to be a moviemaker to be able to create videos for marketing. Nowadays, it is really easier than ever to create videos for your needs.

There are many online video making tools you can use to create quality videos in a matter of minutes – you just have to choose from the huge amount of templates, apply your own particularities on it (like text and logos, for example), and then let the tool do the job. 

It is really a piece of cake! You don’t need any kind of editing skills, you don’t need to spend hours studying how to edit videos, and you don’t need a special person hired just for that. It can be you and your computer only!

There are also tools that help you grow your YouTube channel such as TubeBuddy you can combine that with other growth hacking tools to improve your marketing efforts.

Is There A Particular Type of Video That Works Best? 

Well, this depends a lot on your target audience and what they like. Some people like animated videos with cute faces and plenty of jokes. Others, however, prefer something a bit more serious. 

If you don’t have any way to research what your target audience likes, consider the option of simply running a couple of A/B tests with your videos and see which style is more appropriate for your target audience and which one converts them better. 

All in all, however, do keep in mind that you should focus on the customer all the time. You want them to be attracted to the sales funnel and then gradually be converted to potential buyers and actual customers so your videos should be about them, more than they should be about you or your product. 

Try to truly communicate with your users and viewers. In the end, everyone craves human connection so people have gotten quite tired of robotic content (written or otherwise) and they are looking towards those who can offer them content that is genuine, heartfelt, and as human as it gets. 

The great news is that video marketing can easily be this way, particularly because it offers a real life-like experience of communication. You can see the body language and the voice just as well as you can hear the words. 

Video marketing is, without a doubt, more than worth investing in. We’re not saying other channels should be left aside – on the contrary, actually. You should be able to create a melange of channels that work for your product, and most importantly, for your customers. 

Video marketing can really change the game for you and your company. It used to be quite expensive back in the day of traditional marketing (e.g. ads, advertorials, and so on), and it continued to be quite expensive in days of digital marketing as well, however, with all the tools on the market right now, you can create videos for your marketing regardless of how small your business maybe – not to mention just how easy it is to create these videos! 

At first, video marketing might feel a bit scary to you, but it is important to stick to it, as it is really bound to be the next big thing. Stick around, play with the videos you make and see what works and what doesn’t. Only then will you be able to create a “recipe” of success for your company’s videos! 

Stay informed, stay excited, stay in tune with who your customers are and there is no way in the world video marketing will not bring tremendous changes in your life! 

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Jack Paxton

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