Well, all know how important niche groups (especially Facebook) are when it comes to content marketing.

Being part of a small targeted community is a great way to gain exposure for your own posts, tools, products or any other content you may be trying to promote.

The problem is there are a sh*t load of them. So how do you prioritize your time and engage with the top groups that are going to give you the best results?

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We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of top Facebook groups to join by category.

Best Growth Hacking Facebook Groups

Best Social Media Marketing Facebook Groups

Best Paid Advertising Facebook Groups 

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing


Facebook groups are one of the best organic marketing tactics you can apply. So jump into these groups, make some friends, add some value then generate some traffic and leads.

If you are looking for ways to grow your own Facebook group. Check out VYPER which helps you create viral contests, giveaways and reward programs.

The giveaway tool has a built in bonus action that incentavises people to join your Facebook group.

Check out some of our case studies to get some ideas on how to grow your brands traffic, engagement, leads, and followers.


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