Video email marketing is quickly becoming the most effective method of delivering your brand’s message to the masses.

Videos tell a story that is unrivaled by text. Even exceptional email copywriting can’t stack up to visual storytelling.

You can share your brand’s entire story with the help of a short video clip.

The best part is that video is already the most popular form of media on social networks. So introducing video into your emails will be a welcomed addition for your audience.

Ready to get started with video email marketing?

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video email marketing

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What is Video Email Marketing?

Email marketing has well and truly changed the revenue-generating model of many companies on the internet and for a good reason. 

Up to 93% of B2B companies use email marketing to help keep their businesses profitable, with different types of emails. These emails can include the likes of:

  • Generic sale emails
  • End-of-season sale emails
  • Birthday wishes
  • Video emails and so much more.
B2B email marketing stats

When you’re someone looking to delve into the world of email marketing, one of the essential forms of it is video email marketing. 

Up to 89% of video marketers swear by video’s ROI-inducing abilities. They also emphasize how big a role it can play in getting your company what it needs.

The ROI of video marketing
Source: Wysowl

How Did Videos Get Implemented in Emails?

Video embedding in emails became a thing after email service providers allowed links to be attached to their content. 

You could add small GIF-like videos that appeared in a recurring loop, allowing you to send wishes or tiny videos within the email copy itself. 

Source: Mailbakery

After the evolution of apps such as Dailymotion and YouTube, providers made it easier to add links to emails and allowing users to click and play on these videos as well.

While initially videos on email would be sent to spam.


Marketers have come up with innovative ways to embed these videos, including directly attaching YouTube and other links to their emails. 

Source: Vero

UGMONK expertly utilizes video in their welcome email campaign. The video is an interview with founder Jeff Sheldon, which makes the email feel personal.

Jeff shares his motivations for starting his brand. This allows UGMONK to connect with the reader who is able to relate to Jeff’s story.

If you’re a new kid on the block when it comes to video marketing, this article on Video email marketing is one of the only good ones. 

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Why Is Video Marketing so Important, and How Are They Implemented?

The most apparent reason video emails work is because the current generation doesn’t like reading lines of text. 

Forbes Gen Z article
Source: Forbes

The attention span has dropped, and videos help them break down these texts into concise and easily absorbable points. 

From a business perspective, it helps you explain your sale, business outlay, and other important facets within a short period, and in a more colorful format.

sendx getting started email video

Video content also allows you to play around with different formats. Unlike static text, you can pack in so much more within that short time. These include:

  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial videos
  • Sales videos
  • Vlogs
  • Video testimonials
  • Live Streams
  • Video ads

The list keeps going on, and more different styles keep getting added every few months. You’ll be able to delve into this popular format of email advertising and figure out a video plan that helps drive your business forward.

Videos are an excellent medium where you can engage and get as creative as you’d like. 

It doesn’t cost much to create these videos, and most videos explain everything a customer needs to know, within the short span of a minute. Videos give the indirect promise of learning while watching and not having to digest information while reading. 

Getting Your Audience to Know You

You can show the audience how things are done in real-time by involving them in a conversation via your videos.

Video email marketing can hook users and get them to check your product out of their willingness, and they will look into offers and brands more thoroughly.

As mentioned earlier, UGMONK founder Jeff Sheldon uses video in his company’s welcome emails.

The video contains stories related to his design process and his startup journey. The information in the video can translate to a few pages of text, something you don’t want to have in your emails.

The UGMONK video also uses imagery to tell a story. Images like the tools that Jeff uses to design his products and the shelves of clothing alongside him are crucial factors in getting to know the brand.

It’s difficult to translate these images into an email copy. Because of this, using video in emails makes a ton of sense.

It draws the attention of the user toward you, and videos have higher chances of going viral. People today like concise formats that can be understood easily and good videos can hand a massive boost to SEO and provide a higher ranking on SERPs as well!

On emails, marketers generally play a small snippet and draw the user towards clicking on the links to get to the main video. These links are uploaded on YouTube or on their websites for the customers to explore.

What Are the Far-reaching Effects of Video Email Marketing Today?

Video marketing has had a significant impact on companies all across the world. 

Close to 83% of marketers use it for lead generation, and 87% admitted that videos increased the traffic towards their websites. 

It has been widely embraced as a way for the audience to consume their content, and it’s only going to get bigger and better. 

88% of marketers said that video is a good return of investment in 2020.

sendx video positive roi

Google themselves came out with a study that says videos related to shopping alone grew by more than 5X in the last two years.

YouTube, the video platform hosted by Google, reaches a large audience base, close to 18 to 49-year-olds in an average week. That’s higher than all of the network cable TVs combined!

YouTube vs TV
Source: Digital Logic

People spend an average of 16 hours watching videos online a week, with 84% convinced to purchase a service or a product from a company purely based on video advertising. 

All of this together makes it a no-brainer that videos are the future of email marketing.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future looks to be promising for video email marketing, with 95% looking to increase their spending on the format in 2020.

Here are a few factors that you should consider for video marketing:

Length of Videos

Video marketing requires you to have a decent length of your videos. Any video you put out must be 3 minutes or less to get the maximum attention from the viewer.

The average retention rate is generally 52%, but about 68% will watch an entire video if it is under a minute. Any video that’s over 20 minutes will only get you 25% of the audience.

Wista video analytics length matters
Source: The Next Web

Also, around 92% watch videos with the sound off, so make sure you have a person captioning every single video you put out.

It’s always better to include these captions while you edit the video as it’ll save crucial time later. 

Mobile Video Marketing

The future of video marketing is mobile videos. 25% of companies are looking to increase their spending on video marketing.

Mobile devices contribute more than 70% of YouTube video consumption. 90% of all video viewership comes via mobile phones alone. 

Connecting your emails to your social media account too has a widespread impact. Facebook claims it enjoyed 8 billion video views a day. Twitter said videos have a 6x higher chance of being re-tweeted (opposed to other media).

Internet giant Cisco claims that by 2020, there’s going to be at least a million minutes of video content per second!

6 Ways to make email work

Looking for more tips on email marketing? We have 6 ways for you to improve your email marketing campaigns.

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Video email marketing is the way forward. Whether you’re a new company or an established one trying to gain a foothold in the email marketing industry, you must invest in proper video equipment and software.

It’s crucial you choose the right email, providing software with which you can embed your videos. 

There are a lot of great options in the Market. 

Even though MailChimp is the industry leader, you should check the smaller competitors like MailerLite, Aweber, Constant Contact, and SendX.

Do your research and enjoy the revenue video marketing can bring you. Good luck! 🙂

Do you use video in your emails? Let us know in the comments below.


Rohan Mendiratta is a bearded marketer @SendX. You can connect with him on Twitter and Linkedin.
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Jack Paxton

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