Amazon Giveaways are incredible campaigns that boost a brand’s online presence, audience, engagement, and more. Brands are leveraging the Amazon name to promote their giveaway and grow themselves online effectively. 

If you are new to Amazon giveaways, then you must be wondering what Amazon giveaways are. How do Amazon giveaways work? Are Amazon giveaways for you?

All these questions and more are answered in this guide. We also made sure to include Amazon giveaway examples and ideas that will help inspire your next campaign. 

But first, let us find out why you should host an Amazon giveaway. 

Amazon Giveaway

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Why Amazon Giveaways Are Effective

Amazon is one of the largest tech firms in the world. Having surpassed a 1 trillion dollar market cap, Amazon is well positioned to exceed 2 trillion!

Amazon Statistics

Besides streaming services and tech products, Amazon is best known as a massive online marketplace. A marketplace that sells everything and anything. 

This makes the prospect of owning Amazon gift cards very enticing to the many people that have already purchased something online. Your brand can use this ‘need or want’ to hype up a giveaway that involves Amazon gift cards.

So then, who exactly should host an Amazon giveaway?

Who Is Hosting Amazon Giveaways?

We found a ton of small brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers that regularly host Amazon giveaways online. They give away Amazon gift cards on social media with the hope of boosting engagement and growing their brand and its fans. 

Online and physical stores also use Amazon giveaways to boost web traffic. Some Physical stores ask customers to come into the store to fill out entry forms for their giveaway. This helps the store to generate actual foot traffic.

Bradford Skin Clinic Amazon Giveaway
Source: Instagram

You don’t have to just give away gift cards. Brands that feature their products on Amazon (or have brand pages on the Amazon marketplace) can simply give away their products. Then use their Amazon product page to market the prize. 

For example. Your brand sells headphones on Amazon. You host an Amazon giveaway on your Facebook page (giving away your headphones). The giveaway post can link out to the Amazon product page for the headphones, where people can see reviews, features, prices, and more. 

This strategy is ideal for smaller brands that don’t have a proper website for their product. It’s also a great way of promoting your Amazon product page. People who enter your giveaway will visit your Amazon product page.

Safe Practices With Amazon Giveaways

There are a few things to consider when hosting an Amazon Giveaway:

Gift Card Scams

Amazon gift card scams are the worst! Scammers sell fake gift cards or they ask you to buy them gift cards for fake products. 

Some scammers will scam a gift card from one person, only to sell that card to you for a lower price. If the card is somehow traced back to you, then you will be in a lot of trouble.

Amazon Gift Card Scams
Source: Indian Express

It’s best to deal directly with Amazon regarding purchasing a gift card. As opposed to getting it from a third-party seller, even if it is at a lower price. 

Amazon Gift Card Giveaways

An Amazon gift card giveaway can attract a large, broad audience. Especially if it is a high-value giveaway (around $100 and more). However, gift cards might not be the right prize for some niche brands. 

For example. Makeup brands offering Amazon gift cards as their giveaway prize might attract an audience of men with no need for makeup. All the leads that your giveaway will generate will be poor leads made up of men. Not good news for a brand reliant on its women audience. 

In this case, the makeup brand should rather give away an actual makeup set that is featured on Amazon. Then use the Amazon product page to promote the product and giveaway (as explained earlier.

Choosing the Right Platform

Giveaways are versatile and can work anywhere. On social media, websites, and video platforms like YouTube. However, all platforms are not created equal. You will have to select a place that best suits your brand’s requirements. 

For example. If your giveaway requires entrants to submit a picture or selfie, then visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great. If entrants are required to submit short videos, then TikTok or Instagram is great. 

We have a few Amazon giveaway examples in the next section. These examples may help you to decide on a platform that will best suit your needs.

how to create viral instagram giveaway

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Amazon Giveaway Examples 

Want to know how other brands host Amazon giveaways? Our Amazon giveaway examples are great resources to help you learn more, fast. 

We analyzed these giveaways to find out which strategies worked and which strategies you should avoid.

Hopefully, our analysis of these giveaways will help you to effectively plan your next giveaway.

Sunny Brow Amazon Giveaway (Instagram) @sunnybrow_la 

  • Entry Method: Comment, share, tag a friend, and follow @sunnybrow_la
  • Prize: $100 Amazon gift card 
  • Ideal for: Small home businesses, online and physical stores, or micro-influencers

Sunny Brow is a makeup studio based in Los Angeles. They specialize in permanent (and semi-permanent) makeup solutions. 

Sunny Brow regularly promotes its brand on Instagram. Their strategy is to share posts with their latest offers, testimonials, and host giveaways. 

We were rather fascinated with Sunny Brow’s approach to hosting giveaways. They recently gave away an Amazon gift card to a lucky Instagram user.

Sunnybrow Instagram Amazon Giveaway
Source: Sunnybrow_la Instagram

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram users must engage with the giveaway post to enter. This entry method will ensure that the campaigns generate a ton of engagement. Also, every entrant must be a Sunny Brow follower. This means that the giveaway will create a bunch of new followers. 
  • Asking followers to tag friends is ideal if you want users to refer your campaign to others. The referred users will also tag more people to enter. This strategy allows your giveaway post to grow exponentially. 
  • A $100 Amazon gift card is a fantastic prize for a giveaway. However, almost anyone and everyone will enter. A prize should attract a target audience. In this case, the target audience is people in need of makeup.

Bookworm Amazon Contest (Facebook) @FateCursed

  • Entry Method: Complete the puzzle and fill out the form with your answers
  • Prize: 3x Amazon gift cards for 3 winners (different prices) 
  • Ideal for: Writers, bloggers, or personal brands

Fate Cursed is a Reader Group created by author Amanda K. Mann. It is a place to interact with readers and discuss the author’s books and other stories. 

Amanda regularly posts content to her group to initiate discussions. She also loves hosting giveaways to boost engagement in her group. 

The Fate Cursed Facebook giveaway (now closed) encouraged Facebook users to play a game to win their share of prizes. Three Amazon gift cards were up for grabs ($20, $10, and $5).

Facebook users had to go to other groups to find posts that had ‘hidden words.’ Users then had to fill those words into a form. Winners were selected at random. 

Amanda also held a bonus giveaway that took place in the comments section of the giveaway post. Users had to post a GIF of a “Bookworm’ to stand a chance of winning a free ebook. 

The strategy above helped boost the post in the group because of the engagement caused by the comments that were filled with cool GIFs. It’s also a great idea for finding user-generated content (IGC).

Fate Cursed Facebook Amazon Giveaway
Source: @FateCursed Facebook

Key Takeaways:

  • A giveaway/contest hosted within a group. Users had to ‘hop’ to other groups for clues. Then compile those clues into a form to enter the giveaway. This is an excellent example of how multiple Facebook groups can collaborate with each other to host a giveaway. Users from each group will discover other groups during the group hop and clue search. 
  • Amazon gift card giveaways are ideal for authors that seek brand exposure or new fans. A $20 Amazon gift might just be enough for a lucky fan to spend on the author’s book. 
  • Amanda included a second small giveaway to help boost the main giveaway. The second giveaway motivated people to create comments and boost engagement on the giveaway post.

Amazon Unboxing + Giveaway (Facebook) @SarahGrace

  • Entry Method: TBA – Keep watching more content to find out how to enter
  • Prize: Everything in the video (all purchased from Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Influencers, YouTubers, or Tech brands

Sarah Grace is a Tech YouTuber who uploads content focused on Apple products and accessories. She has been on the platform for some time now and has found success with ‘unboxing videos’ that feature products from Amazon, Wish, etc. 

Sarah unboxed a stunning iMac computer, along with some exceptional, yet cheap accessories from Amazon. She also announced that she would be giving away all of the items in the video. 

There aren’t many details or specifics on the giveaway. You will have to watch future videos on her channel (or follow her on social media) to learn more about the giveaway. This is a great way to get people to keep a close eye on your brand’s content while building anticipation.

Sarah Grace YouTube Amazon Giveaway
Source: @SarahGrace YouTube

Key Takeaways:

  • An unboxing video is probably one of the best ways to showcase a product. It’s always a great idea to unbox the product you are giving away if you are hosting a YouTube giveaway
  • Announcing a giveaway with no details is rather mysterious for the viewer who will have to stay tuned to find out how to enter. This is great for building anticipation and eager followers, as long as you make sure you follow through on your promises. 
  • This giveaway has a pink tech theme. While all the items here are amazing for any tech lover, the colors would mostly appeal to a female audience. So, a detail as small as color can be enough to find your target audience.
VYPER Free Account Signup Taylor Swift

Amazon Giveaway Ideas with VYPER

We came up with a few great ideas for Amazon giveaways and created campaigns using VYPER’s giveaway builder. 

Please feel free to use our ideas for your next giveaway.

NB. The giveaways below are all demo campaigns created using our service. You can signup for free here and create your own designs using VYPER –

Amazon Review Giveaway

  • Entry Method – Find my review on Amazon to Enter
  • Prize – Vlogging gear
  • Goal – To get people to visit product pages on Amazon and to scan the product reviews

Claudia Sulewski is a rising YouTuber that creates incredible vlogs. Her content is professional and impressive. 

After many requests, Claudia created a video showcasing her filming and editing gear. She even lists all of her gear (along with Amazon links) in the video description.

Claudia Sulewski YouTube
Source: YouTube

A great idea for an influencer like Claudia would be to host an Amazon giveaway to boost her audience online. She can team up with a brand that is willing to supply the prize for the giveaway. 

To make the giveaway more interactive for entrants, Claudia can request that users scan the review section of a list of products to find her ‘hidden’ review. Once the review is found, entrants can submit their entry along with the title of Claudia’s review. 

Claudia Sulewski Amazon Giveaway

Benefits of this campaign:

  • Brands that are looking for exposure on social media love to team up with influencers. Especially if those influencers can drive traffic from their socials to the brand’s product pages. 
  • Hosting a review hunt on Amazon will ensure that users scan through multiple products. This is perfect for brands seeking out more exposure for their products and additional traffic to their product pages. 
  • You can use ‘bonus actions’ to get entrants to leave a review on your product. Award entrants additional points for performing such tasks. The entrant with the most points wins!

Amazon Book Giveaway

  • Entry Method – Leave a review on my book to win
  • Prize – Amazon gift cards
  • Goal – To get people to leave reviews on your latest book release

Amazon is probably the biggest online book store in the world. Reviews are vital for authors that have books on Amazon. Especially early on with newly published books. 

Hosting a giveaway that encourages people to visit your latest book releases and leave reviews is an excellent idea. Authors will confess to the challenges they face when trying to get people to leave reviews on their books. 

A book review giveaway can be the perfect campaign to host alongside your book launch.

Amazon Book Giveaway

Benefits of this campaign:

  • This giveaway will generate valuable reviews for products listed on Amazon. Such a giveaway is ideal for authors trying to generate reviews for their newly launched book on Amazon. Getting reviews early will boost the book in Amazon’s marketplace, making it more recommendable in Amazon’s algorithm. 
  • Getting reviews early is essential to any product launch. An Amazon review giveaway is the perfect campaign to host alongside your product launch. 
  • Having a referral system in this giveaway will ensure that you find more reviews and more new fans. So instead of just getting reviews from fans, a referral system will help you build more fans and a larger audience.

Q&A: Amazon Giveaway

Can I host my giveaway on Amazon?

Amazon once launched an incredible service back in 2015 that allowed users to host giveaways on their platform for free. You would only have to buy the products that you will intend on using as prizes. Unfortunately, the program has since been discontinued (2019).

What prize can I choose for an Amazon giveaway?

Amazon gift cards are excellent and suit almost any person’s needs because of the sheer scale and variety of goods sold on the Amazon platform. However, if you are looking to attract a specific audience to your brand, then you should rather purchase a product from Amazon that your target audience will approve of.

When should I host an Amazon Giveaway?

Giveaways are an excellent strategy for brands that want to ‘stand out’ from the rest. This is crucial during popular shopping seasons when everyone’s marketing strategies are on point. So, hosting an Amazon giveaway during these shopping seasons is ideal. 

Some examples of busy shopping seasons are, Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, etc.

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TL;DR: Amazon Giveaways

Amazon giveaways are a great way for brands to promote themselves online. As a company, Amazon is amongst the largest tech firms in the world. So it makes sense to leverage the Amazon brand to promote your giveaway (and your brand). 

You can choose to give away just Amazon gift cards or products found on the Amazon store. Brands that have products listed on Amazon can use giveaways to promote that particular product page. This strategy works great for Authors with books listed on Amazon.

Let us know what you think of Amazon Giveaways. Is this something that your brand can benefit from?

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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