New Linktree alternatives are popping up every day. While it is great to live in a world of unlimited choices. It can still be really challenging to choose a proper link-sharing tool that fits your requirements. 

Linktree is a popular service in the link-sharing and marketing world. However, it’s hard to ignore the competition because of the sheer amount of powerful features they offer. 

So, what is the best Linktree alternative? Which link-sharing service is right for you?

We took a closer look at 15 Linktree alternatives and dissected each brand to scrutinize every individual feature. While all 15 services do compete with each other, they all have something different to offer.

Now, let’s find out which link-sharing tool is right for you!

But first, a little info on Linktree. 

Linktree Alternatives

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How does Linktree Work?

Linktree allows users to get more out of the single link in bio in Instagram and TikTok. This is achieved by inserting a link in your Instagram bio that redirects users to a Linktree landing page. 

A Linktree landing page is used to curate a brand’s crucial links like blog posts, social media profiles, videos, music, affiliate links, and more. 

Linktree Link In Bio

So, this strategy will allow brands to use the single link in their Instagram bio to direct traffic to a link page filled with important links and content. Link pages are built within Linktree. Once a link page is ready, you can generate your URL and place it in your link in bio. 

Apart from sharing links, Linktree also offers monetization options, allowing Instagram users to monetize their audience. You can accept payments such as donations from fans. 

Linktree also offers analytics and integrations with third-party tools. 

As mentioned before, there are a ton of Linktree alternatives that offer more in terms of features, design, and monetization options. Below are 15 Linktree alternatives that have similar features but do things differently.

link in bio examples

We have an entire guide filled with link in bio examples created by popular link-sharing tools featured in this list.

Click here to learn more.

1. Hypage

Hypage is an excellent all-in-one link-sharing tool. It is quick and easy to set up and you can get started with a free plan that comes with a ton of features. 

Hypage has an impressive level of customization options. You can certainly create a link landing page that is in line with your brand identity.

Hypage Link Sharing Tool

Hypage allows you to create and manage your own membership platform. This means that you can get people to sign up to your platform for a monthly subscription fee. 

For example, a podcaster can offer more exclusive “members only” content to his paid subscribers. 

Hypage is free to use with limited features. A Pro Plan costs $19 and unlocks additional monetization and design features.


  • Create your own membership platform
  • Deliver content and services to members and accept recurring payments
  • Excellent customization options
  • Directly sell digital products within your link pages
  • Accept tips, requests, and donations
  • Create “Premium Posts” and charge users to access it
  • Ideal for content creators and selling courses
  • Free plan available


  • Paid plans are higher than a lot of the competition
  • Hypage is new. However, it is an established platform with plenty of users

2. Nuelink in Bio

“Nuelink in Bio” is a simple social media landing page builder and link-sharing tool made by Nuelink

Nuelink is a social media management and automation tool that helps you manage, plan, analyze, and automate your social media. It has a feature to shorten links, bulk import, and, finally, the “Nuelink in Bio” feature

With “Nuelink in Bio,” you can put as many links as possible for your social media pages, online shops, streaming channels, blogs, and music platforms.

Starting from 15$ per month, you will get access to the whole Nuelink system, where you will find the “Nuelink in bio” feature. 


  • Get detailed analytics for every call-to-action on your social media landing page.
  • Find out the source, device, language, and platform for clicks from every channel.
  • Automatic display of your latest social media posts using a grid layout.


  • The “Nuelink in Bio” feature is only available with a paid Nuelink subscription.
  • There is no free plan offered.

3. Milkshake

Milkshake is a great-looking link-sharing tool that lets you create modern link pages. The templates are cool and offer fashion-friendly designs. 

Milkshake is meant for smartphone users. You need to download the app to get started. This might be restrictive to some. However, it’s perfect for influences looking to easily manage links on their smartphone.

Milkshake link sharing app

The app allows you to build a “Milkshake Website” to share links, bio, media, and more. You can also view analytics, create custom cards and themes, and more. 

As far as design goes, Milkshake’s themes are top-class and modern. You can definitely produce some inspiring link pages. 

The Milkshake App is free to download and use. Unlock more features with their Lite Plan which starts at $2.99.


  • Excellent templates
  • Create modern designs
  • Milkshake App allows you to conveniently manage links on your smartphone
  • Analytics and insights available
  • Ideal for online stores (Fashion, department, electronics, etc.)


  • Not much to offer in terms of monetization
  • Cannot manage the service from a computer. App-only

4. Shorby

Shorby is a creative link-sharing tool with a powerful page editor. It only takes a few creative tweaks to design professional brand-friendly link pages. 

Shorby allows you to add store, affiliate, blog, and social links to your page in creative ways. The in-depth customization options like animated avatars, backgrounds, icons are impressive.

You can gain lifetime access to Shorby via Appsumo. Lifetime plans start at $39 (once-off payment).


  • Awesome layouts and designs
  • Powerful editor
  • Deep list of features
  • Good analytics
  • Ideal for influencers, blogs, and news agencies


  • No free plan is available
  • Top plans are expensive

5. Leadpages

Leadpages is a popular landing page builder that is focused on building sales pages. You can also use Leadpages to create a landing page specifically for your links and other services. 

Leadpages is a great option for brands looking for a professional landing page to sell their products and increase signups.

Leadpages Templates

Most link-sharing tools allow users to create simple web pages to curate links, content, and products. Leadpages will allow you to quickly build fully-fledged websites and landing pages, which is why there are tons of gorgeous templates available. 

Pricing starts at $26 per month for a Standard Plan. 


  • Fully-fledged website and landing page maker
  • Huge list of professional templates 
  • Powerful landing page features like split testing and CRM software integration
  • Ideal for websites, blogs, and personal brands
  • Real-time analytics


  • No free plan is available
  • An advanced option that isn’t for everyone
  • A landing page tool trying to make a bio link
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6. Campsite is a simple, yet effective link-sharing tool. It shares a very similar aesthetic to Linktree, which makes it a great alternative to consider. 

You can stack link cards on top of each other the same way you would in Linktree. Campsite also lets you embed media like music and video into your link pages. link sharing tool

The list of features isn’t as extensive as most of the tools on this list. However, Campsite has a ton of integrations such as Canva, WordPress, Soundcloud, and more. 

You can use Campsite for free. It’s $7 per month for a Pro plan which unlocks more customization and integration options.


  • The Carousel feature allows you to embed multiple images and banners
  • Schedule links before launching campaigns 
  • Campsite integrates with popular online music, web, and marketing brands
  • You can add animation and effects to links
  • Ideal for musicians, podcasters, and artists
  • Free plan available


  • Limited options when adding thumbnails to links
  • Lacks many monetization features
  • Complex to use

7. Feedlink

Feedlink is a stylish, minimal link-sharing tool that lets you create link pages that resemble an Instagram feed. 

You can layout picture cards on your link page in order of your Instagram posts. This will allow you to neatly build link thumbnails that correspond with your Instagram posts.

Feedlink page examples

You can use Feedlink for free with their branding included on your pages. Pay $3 to remove branding or $9 per month to manage more pages and sources. 


  • Image-centric link pages can resemble an Instagram feed
  • Link pages load in the AMP format which means quick load speeds 
  • Unlimited links
  • Free plan available


  • Massive price bump for only a few more features
  • Small list of features

8. Linkjoy

Linkjoy is a marketing-centric link-sharing tool that is heavily focused on lead generation, retargeting, and sales. It has powerful marketing tools which make it one of the most expensive options on this list.

With Linkjoy, you can shorten your URLs and retarget one-time visitors. Real-time analytics actually help you to measure ROI. You can also expand insights by adding tracking pixels from services like Google Analytics and Facebook.

Linkjoy Features

Linkjoy’s marketing features are ideal for users that are serious about driving their Instagram audience to their products or services. It can be an exceptional tool for building leads and generating sales. 

Linkjoy starts at $79 per month for a Lite plan and $99 per month for a Pro plan. You can buy a Linkjoy lifetime plan via Appsumo which is great value for money. 


  • An impressive list of marketing features
  • Shorten URLs and retarget users that have clicked on your links 
  • Mimic your Instagram feed on your link page
  • Deep-set of analytics and insights
  • Ideal for influencers, content creators, and e-comm brands
  • Lifetime plan available


  • Very expensive
  • Lacks many built-in monetizations and integration features that other tools in this list have

9. Snipfeed

Snipfeed is a monetization-focused link-sharing tool. You can use Snipfeed to create a platform for your brand to accept tips and donations. There’s even an option to sell digital content from your link pages. 

A feature that we love is Sneepfeed’s Livestream and Q&A Sessions. You can host live streams or online consultations and accept payments for tickets or consultation fees. 

Snipfeed also lets you get paid for answering questions or performing shoutouts.

Snipfeed Q&A Features

Snipfeed is free to use. You only need to pay Snipfeed a commission from the revenue you generate (around 15%).


  • An impressive list of monetization features
  • Consult, answer questions, and perform shoutouts, then get paid for it
  • Sell tickets to live streams and accept tips
  • Ideal for influencers/TikTok users, industry experts, consultants, and teachers
  • Free to use (commission payable)


  • Limited customization options
  • Mostly suited for people looking to monetize their Instagram and TikTok accounts

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10. by Later is a simple link-sharing tool thats focused on moving your Instagram audience to your website. Their goal is to help you drive more traffic to your site while increasing sales. is part of an excellent suite of Instagram marketing tools from Later. So, signing up for wil also include incredible features from Later. by Later features

You can use and a limited number of Later’s features for free. You will need to take one of Later’s paid plans (starting at $15 per month) to unlock more features. 


  • Clean design and interface
  • Focus on driving traffic to sales and product pages
  • A useful set of analytics
  • Access to additional Instagram marketing features from Later
  • Ideal for people that need an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool
  • Free plan available 


  • Limited customization options
  • Plans are pricey if all you are interested in is

11. ContactInBio

ContactInBio is a versatile link-sharing tool that lets you share more than just links. Share your music, videos, payment links, and more. Create contact or email forms and sell your products all within a single interface. 

Musicians, DJs, and Podcasters will appreciate the music page template. Artists can embed their Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify links in this music-specific template.

ContactInBio Music Template

ContactInBio has an impressive free plan. However, you will have to pay $4.55 per month to unlock ContactInBio’s impressive list of features. Some of those features are payment links from PayPal and Stripe, and the option to directly sell products from link pages. 


  • Great niche templates for musicians, online stores, and fitness instructors
  • Cross-promote your socials with social media link buttons
  • Add payment links to PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and 43 other vendors
  • Ideal for music artists, DJs, and people who sell digital products 
  • Free plan available


  • Design options are not as refined as some of the competition
  • Older product so features are a little dated

12. Taplink

Taplink is a neat link-sharing tool that lets you build beautiful minimal link pages. You can quickly create mobile-friendly websites to share your offers, socials, contact info, and more. 

Taplink is one of the best in terms of link page designs. You can truly create clean and polished link pages that are true to your brand. Ideal for brands that are trying to craft a solid online presence.

Taplink Designs

You can get started with Taplink for free with a basic plan. Unlocking more customization options and premium design themes with a Pro account will set you back $2 per month. 


  • Excellent design options to make beautiful link pages
  • Smart links can activate online messaging with just a click
  • Schedule display blocks
  • Cheap
  • Ideal for blogs, beauty brands, and online stores
  • Free plan available 


  • Lack of solid monetization options

13. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is one of the more straightforward, no-fuss link-sharing tools on this list. Build simple link pages that do the trick and include your crucial links, social links, and embed video. 

Lnk.Bio lets you build landing pages made up of picture cards. You simply have to click on the picture to go to the link. Link pages look good on both mobile and desktop.

Lnk.Bio Multiple Links

You can use Lnk.Bio for free. Paying just a dollar a month will unlock analytics, sync your link page to your Instagram account, and open more design options. 


  • The picture card layout is awesome
  • Embed music and videos 
  • Tons of icons
  • Ideal for bloggers, websites, and recipe websites
  • Free plan available 


  • Lack of solid monetization options 
  • Deeper customization options are missing
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14. Everlinks

Everlinks is yet another simple link-sharing tool that lets you create basic link pages. It’s all about getting the job done right with Everlinks. 

Neatly compile all of your links and social links into a mobile form factor. There’s even room to embed a video. Everlinks even lets you embed custom code and add links to calendars, music, shops, and more.

Everlinks Features

You can use Everlink’s basic features on a single page for free. A $7 per month Pro Plan lets you manage five pages and opens up analytics integrations and more customization options. 


  • Mobile friendly link pages
  • Schedule links ahead of campaigns and set a time for the links to disappear
  • Add animations to links to prioritize them 
  • Ideal for YouTubers that want to direct subscribers to their socials
  • Free plan available 


  • Very basic design that’s more practical than stylish
  • Pro Plan doesn’t match up to competitors

15. is a design-focused link-sharing tool that lets you create “micro-websites.” We are fans of the clean and minimal look of the link pages generated with

You can design link pages similarly to how you would design WordPress website pages. With design blocks. Simply drag blocks into your template and add content to those blocks.

It’s a great option if you have accessibility concerns when creating your link page since it’s compatible with most accessibility checkers. Link Page Editor

There’s a useful Forever Free Plan that lets you create one bio link. $5 per month lands you a Semi-Pro account with three extra blocks, link scheduling, and more customization options.


  • Design micro-websites
  • Excellent clean designs that make your link pages look very professional
  • Embed media like Spotify music
  • Ideal for content creators, fitness influencers, and e-comm brands
  • Free plan available 


  • No built-in monetization options
  • Analytics only available on the highest plan

Bonus Mention: Link in Profile 

Link in Profile is a dedicated link-sharing tool for Instagram. Most of the tools on this list can be used to manage links on TikTok, Youtube, etc. Link in Profile on the other hand is built for Instagram. 

Once you have created a Link in Profile account, their service will connect to your Instagram profile. This allows Link in Profile to automatically manage your link pages. 

New Instagram posts can quickly be added to your link page via the dashboard. Or, you can manually insert your link URL into your Instagram post caption. The link will not work on Instagram, but it will be recognized by Link in Profile and will be added to your link page.

How Link in Bio software works

It’s $9 per month to use Link in Profile. There are no free plans except for a 30-day trial.


  • Great tracking and analytics
  • Quick setup
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for influencers and brands that want their link pages managed on autopilot


  • No free plan
  • A basic set of features for paid customers


And that’s it for our list of 15 Linktree alternatives. We have featured a wide range of link-sharing tools here. Some are cheaper, while others have more features to offer. 

We hope our guide and comparisons help you to make the right choice when choosing a tool to manage your links. 

Let us know which link-sharing tool is your favorite in the comments below.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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