We recently reviewed a bunch of outstanding link in bio examples to find out how brands excel at directing their Instagram audience to their website, products, or services.

It’s amazing how these brands managed to use that single link in their Instagram bio to monetize their audience, sell products, and promote their latest videos and podcasts. 

Some content creators build impressive landing pages for all their links. They then drive traffic from their Instagram profile to their link landing page and then watch their brand take off!

We go into more detail on how you can use your link in bio to upscale your brand on Instagram. But first, let’s find out more about that Link in Bio.

link in bio examples

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What Is “Link in Bio”?

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are very restrictive when it comes to links. Unlike other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), you cannot insert links into your Instagram posts. 

The actual link text may appear in your Instagram post’s caption, but the link will not be clickable. If you plan on sharing links on Instagram, your options are limited to the link in your Instagram bio.

Audi Link in Bio
Source: Instagram @audi

Car manufacturer, Audi, uses its link in bio to direct Instagram users to a product page. Users that visit the page will learn more about the new Audi A8 and can then browse the rest of the site.

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How Crucial Is Link in Bio for Brands?

The link in bio can certainly be lucrative for brands that have a considerable audience on Instagram. These brands can direct their audience to crucial links via the link in bio. 

For example, YouTuber Pewdiepie has a massive audience on YouTube and Instagram. Pewdiepie uses his link in bio to direct his Instagram audience to his merch store.

Pewdiepie Link in Bio
Source: Instagram @pewdiepie

Clicking on the link in Pewdiepie’s Instagram bio will direct you to his store where you can buy his latest merch. This strategy allows Pewdiepie to directly monetize his Instagram audience.

Pewdiepie merch store
Source: pdp.store

Pewdiepie can periodically create Instagram posts of himself wearing his latest merch. He can tell followers in the post caption to click on the link in bio to buy the merch he is wearing. A perfect strategy to directly promote your product and sell it on Instagram.

Alternate Ways for Brands To Use Their Link in Bio

The single link in the Instagram bio hasn’t stopped brands from creatively sharing multiple crucial links. For instance, some brands use link-sharing tools like Hypage or Tap.Bio to make the most of that link in bio. 

With a link-sharing tool like Hypage, you can create a mini landing page with all of your crucial links. Links such as latest podcast episodes, product pages, email signups, other social networks, and more.

Amped Asia Link in Bio

Once you have your link page, you can then insert the URL for that page into your Instagram link in bio.

Kevin Tang Link in Bio

Now, when your Instagram fans want to check out your latest content, they can simply click on the link in bio to access your content links. You can promote your content with Instagram posts and inform users in the post’s caption that they can view your content via the link in bio.

Link in Bio Examples

We took a closer look at some impressive link in bio examples to find key takeaways that you can implement in your Instagram profile. 

Not all brands utilize their link in bio the same. Everyone has their own strategy that suits their goals. We hope that these examples inspire you to build your own effective strategy around your link in bio.

Podcast Marketing – The Blitz Growth Podcast

The Blitz Growth Podcast hosted by Jack Paxton is a show focused on content creators and their journey to growing their brand online. 

It is tricky promoting your podcast on Instagram. When a person discovers your podcast, you want them to notice your best episodes first. You also want to direct them to the different platforms that host your podcast. 

This poses a real challenge as you only have that single link in your bio. However, Blitz Growth uses Hypage, a link-sharing tool, to promote multiple links in their link in bio.

Blitz Growth Instagram Hypage Link in Bio

When an Instagram user clicks on Blitz Growth’s link in bio, they will be directed to a link page filled with all the crucial podcast links.

Blitz Growth podcast Hypage Link Page

The link page serves as a link hub to help direct people to Blitz Growth’s best episodes, socials, and podcasting platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • An excellent strategy of getting your Instagram audience to experience the best of what your podcast has to offer. 
  • Social media links on the link page are ideal for cross-promotion. 
  • The link page is an excellent opportunity to collect emails. This is done with the “email me” button at the top.

Promote Your Video – FailArmy

“Every success begins with failure!” A quote from the popular YouTube channel, FailArmy. FailArmy is a comedy channel that curates wacky amateur home videos of people falling, tripping, and making bad decisions that never work out. 

FailArmy has a massive following on Instagram. They effectively use their Instagram profile to promote their latest videos on their YouTube channel. 

FailArmy’s link in bio takes visitors directly to the video they are currently promoting. In this case, it’s a video called Expectations vs Reality.

FailArmy Expectaions vs Reality
Source: YouTube @FailArmy

When FailArmy uploads a new compilation, they can simply insert the link for that video into their link in bio. This will allow Instagram users to discover that video from FailArmy’s bio.

Key Takeaways

  • An excellent strategy to promote new YouTube video uploads. This in turn will help to boost YouTube subscribers. 
  • A similar strategy can be used to cross-promote content on your socials. Eg. Driving Instagram users to your latest Facebook post. 
  • The downside of this approach is that FailArmy always has to log into Instagram and change the link in bio with every video they wish to promote. A link-sharing tool will make this task easier.

Build Links for Your Instagram Posts – G Fuel

G Fuel is an energy drink that is most popular within the gaming community. World renown gamers like Ninja and Pewdiepie regularly collab with G Fuel. G Fuel is also the official energy drink of Esports. 

The link in bio on G Fuel’s Instagram profile directs users to an image-centric link page. G Fuel uses the same images they post on Instagram on their link page. Clicking on an image will take you to that website link.

GFuel Link Page
Source: G Fuel Link in Bio – Instagram

This is an excellent strategy for building links for your Instagram posts. For example, G Fuel uploaded an image of their latest “Hype Sauce” drink to Instagram. They also uploaded the same image (with a link to buy) on their link page.

G Fuel Lost in Sauce
Source: Instagram @G Fuel

“Link in bio to get yours” is what G Fuel adds to the caption of the post. Users can simply click on the link in bio to find the same image on the link page. They can then click on the corresponding image to open the product page and purchase the drink. 

Key Takeaways

  • G Fuel has an image-centric link page that is filled with images taken from their Instagram. Every image on the link page corresponds with a specific post from G Fuels Instagram feed. This strategy is perfect for promoting links from Instagram posts. 
  • G Fuel’s link page setup and design is ideal for websites and blogs that want to use Instagram to promote their latest blog posts. That can simply post new blog feature images on Instagram, then publish the feature image and blog post URL on the link page.

Promoting Every New Product – Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a boutique shoe brand that has online and physical stores globally. With a considerable following on Instagram, Steve Madden uses this opportunity to promote its products with Instagram posts. 

Steve Madden will post an image of their product on Instagram and will then publish the same image on their link page. 

Instagram users that want to learn more about the product they discovered on Instagram can easily click on the link in bio. They will then click on the corresponding image to go to the product page.

Steve Madden link page
Source: Steve Madden Link in Bio – Instagram

This strategy is similar to G Fuels strategy above. However, Steve Madden is much more focused on its products. 

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Maddens link in bio directs users to a link page filled with images taken from their Instagram feed. These images are clickable links and direct users to corresponding product pages. 
  • The Steve Madden link page is only focused on linking out to products. They should also feature other links like promotional videos, other social networks, blog posts, and podcasts.

Share Albums, Gigs, and Music – John Digweed

John Digweed is a prolific UK DJ that has been in the business since the 90s. He regularly releases content such as:

  • New songs, singles, EPs
  • DJ mix albums
  • Weekly radio shows
  • Live DJ mix videos on YouTube

John uses Instagram to promote his latest content and his upcoming gigs. At any given time, there’s a bunch of new content and upcoming shows, but just one link in bio. 

A link page to host multiple links to John’s latest shows, album releases, and ticket sales is essential.

John Digweed Link in bio
Source: John Digweed Link in Bio – Instagram

John Digweed’s link page is really interesting. He includes every crucial link that he is currently promoting. For example, links to his Budapest tour page, the latest Apple Music mix, a feature in a music magazine, and a live video DJ mix. 

Key Takeaways

  • Link pages are excellent for music artists to promote their albums, songs, and tours. They can instantly sell tickets to gigs, merch, albums, and more on their link page. Having all these options available in the link in bio is a massive advantage for musicians. 
  • There should be more media like music and video embedded on the link page. This will allow quick access to media that can be played instantly without leaving the link page.
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Link in Bio Giveaway Examples

We found a few brands that perfectly incorporated their link in bio into their giveaways. The main strategy here is to drive eager giveaway entrants to the link in bio to enter. 

Let’s take a closer look at these campaigns to find out how you can effectively use your link in bio to drive traffic to your giveaway.

Lucky Dog Giveaway – @justfoodfordogs

  • Entry Method: Tap on link in bio to enter
  • Prize: 1 Month supply of Sheperd’s Pie
  • Ideal for: Pet Brands

Just Food for Dogs is a pet food and recipe brand. They have a well-established online store and a decent audience on Instagram. 

A giveaway with the prize being a Shepard’s Pie recipe is an ideal strategy for acquiring a bunch of leads. Most of which are dog owners. 

To enter, users had to click on the link in bio, then on the giveaway link. This directed them to the giveaway page where they could submit their entries.

Just Food For Dogs Instagram Giveaway
Source: Instagram @justfoodfordogs

Key Giveaways

  • Having a link page while hosting a giveaway is extremely beneficial. New leads generated from the giveaway post will discover all of your links while they are on route to your giveaway link. 
  • No need to add instructions to your caption. Just send people over to the link in bio to enter. They will eventually reach the giveaway page which has all the info needed to enter.

Microphone Kit Giveaway – @lnadoesaudiostuff

  • Entry Method: Visit my channel to enter
  • Prize: Tonor Microphone Kit
  • Ideal for: Musicians

LNA is a musician and Ableton (music software) trainer. She teaches aspiring music producers how to make music using Ableton. YouTube is home to your tutorials and Instagram is where she promotes her brand and videos. 

LNA uses her link in bio to redirect fans to her link page. Her link page has all her crucial links like her Spotify profile, music videos, and website.

LNA link page
Source: LNA Link in Bio – Instagram

Similarly, when LNA hosts a giveaway for her fans, she can lead them to her link page to enter. Entrants will then discover all of LNA’s links. 

If her entrants are made up of music producers trying to win her microphone kit, then these producers will discover some useful tutorials on her link page.

LNA giveaway
Source: Instagram @lnadoesaudiostuff

Key Takeaways

  • A music giveaway that attracts musicians and producers because of the prize being a mic kit. The person hosting the giveaway is a music software instructor, so producers that enter the giveaway make up the instructor’s target audience. 
  • Sending a target audience to your link page to enter will allow that audience to also discover your work and can potentially lead to sales.

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Your Instagram link in bio is an absolutely crucial tool for sharing links. Brands that utilize their link in bio correctly are able to monetize their Instagram audience, drive traffic to their website, and promote their latest merch or products. 

Inserting your website or store URL in the link in bio is great. However, if you wish to get the most out of that link in bio, a link-sharing tool will help you do more. Like sharing multiple links, showcasing videos, cross-promoting social media. 

If you are trying to promote your business on Instagram, link in bio tools offer excellent features. You can drive traffic to crucial brand landing or product pages. This will help your Instagram audience learn more about you.

Let us know what you think of the link in bio examples we included in this guide. Share with us more link in bio examples in the comments below.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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