The ability to share multiple links in Instagram bio is a massive game-changer! The possibilities are endless for brands, influencers, and content creators that want to drive their Instagram audience to their products, courses, etc.

The main issue here is that Instagram hates links! There aren’t many places for you to insert your links. That single link in your Instagram bio is one of the only places for you to place a link. 

Don’t fear, we have an exceptional workaround that will allow you to build multiple links in Instagram bio. We also have a bunch of tips and tricks for dropping your links in other places around Instagram.

But first, let’s take a closer look at how you can utilize that link in your bio.

multiple links in instagram bio

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Insert Your Website Link Into Your Bio

The most straightforward way to get your links into your Instagram profile is by editing your profile and adding your link in the “website” block. Once you have inserted your website link here, hit submit and the link will now be saved to your link in bio.

Instagram Link in Bio BlitzGrowth

Now, when Instagram users visit your profile, they will discover your website link at the bottom of your Instagram bio. These users can simply click on that link to learn more about you or your brand. 

Having your website link at the bottom of your bio will allow your Instagram audience to easily click through to your website. If you have an online store, a blog, or a portfolio, Instagram users will have access to your website with just a single click.

Fangamer instagram
Source: Instagram @fangamer

Users that end up on your website can then navigate their way around the site to buy something or read a blog post. However, this simple method of adding your website link to your bio has its drawbacks. You are leaving too much for the visitor to work out. 

Your visitors have to be carefully guided towards your promotions, new products, crucial blog posts, etc. You can achieve this with a well-optimized website or a landing page dedicated to displaying all your crucial links. 

You can create a landing page on your website or choose a link-sharing service that allows you to create a professional link page. More on this in the next section.

VYPER Free Account Signup Pewdiepie

Link-In-Bio Tools

Link-in-bio (link-sharing) tools like Hypage and Linktree allow you to share multiple links from that single link in your Instagram bio. Most link-in-bio tools allow you to:

  • Build a link page (a landing page with all your links).
  • Cross-promote other social networks and content. Eg. embedding your YouTube videos to your link page.
  • Monetize your Instagram audience. You can sell products on your link page or accept donations.

How Do Link-In-Bio Services Work?

Link-in-bio services are used to create link landing pages. These link pages are home to all of the crucial links you would like to share with your audience. Once your link page is ready and filled up with links, you can then take the URL of that page and insert it in your bio.

Blitz Growth Instagram Hypage Link in Bio

Now, users that click on the link in your Instagram bio will be directed to your link page. This is where they will have access to your latest links. 

Going forward from here, you will no longer have to change the link in bio. You can simply edit the links on your link page using your link-in-bio service.

Blitz Growth podcast Hypage Link Page

For example, Your brand’s latest Summer promo just launched and you kicked off your campaign with an Instagram post. You can end your caption with the quote “click on the link in bio to learn more.” 

Now edit your link page to include links, video, and other crucial information related to your Summer promo.

Using Hypage To Create a Link Page

You can sign up for a free link-sharing service like Hypage and instantly begin building a link page. Paid plans unlock more features (eg. monetization features). Creating a link page is done within Hypage’s editor.

Hypage Page Builder

This process is rather straightforward. You just have to add your links, code, etc. into the available slots. Hypage will display your links in the same order you place them.

You can also add links to other social media accounts that you own. This will give you an opportunity to cross-promote your socials. A good strategy for directing your Instagram audience to other social accounts. 

Next, let’s work on the design.

Hypage Design Settings

This is where you adjust the colors, fonts, and background for your landing page. You can get your link page to closely resemble your brand image by choosing the appropriate color scheme and fonts.

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Giveaways and Contests in your Link in Bio

Inserting a link to your Instagram giveaway or contest is a good way to create multiple links in Instagram bio. Brands that plan their giveaways properly are able to redirect entrants to crucial links. Here’s how:

Giveaways and contests are excellent for many reasons. Some benefits of giveaways are:

  • Increase email lists
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Acquire new leads
  • Boost signups
  • And more!

Brands that host giveaways achieve these goals by requesting users to complete an action to enter. For example, “submit your email to enter and you could win!”

Pewdiepie Razer Giveaway

From an entrant’s point of view, they just have to give their email address to enter and win a prize. Once the giveaway has concluded, you will have all the email addresses of all the entrants. 

You can ask your entrants to “visit our website to enter,” or “signup and download our app to enter.” This makes giveaways a great tool for directing traffic to crucial links that benefit your brand. 

It also comes with an added incentive to the entrants because they can potentially win a prize just for participating.

Bonus Actions

You can use bonus actions to get a lot more out of your giveaway. You can offer entrants additional entries or other incentives to complete bonus actions like “visit our website,” or “watch this video.”

If your giveaway is set up with bonus actions, then your entrants will be visiting a bunch of your links to achieve the incentives you put out for them. 

If you set up a giveaway like the one above, then you can simply drop the link of the giveaway into your link in bio. Then create an Instagram post to announce the giveaway and mention the following in the comments – “click on the link in our bio to enter.”

The above giveaway was created with VYPER.

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Other Ways of Adding Your Links to Instagram

Instagram is very restrictive when it comes to inserting links in posts, stories, etc. However, with many recent updates, Instagram has added new features that are helpful to those trying to drive traffic to their links. 

Aside from using the link in bio, you can try these methods of driving Instagram traffic to your links:

  • Link Stickers in Instagram Stories
  • Action buttons
  • Links in Instagram Video (IGTV) captions
  • Non-clickable links in your posts

We go into more detail on how you can use these methods for your own Instagram account in the sections below:

Use the Link Sticker in Instagram Stories

Instagram recently tested a fantastic new feature that would allow any Instagram user to share links in their stories. That feature is now out of beta and available to everyone in the latest updates.

Instagram Stories link sticker
Source: The Verge

In the past, Instagram has limited the ability to post stories with links in them. This feature was only available to verified users or users that had 10k or more followers. 

Now, anyone can include Instagram Link Stickers in their Instagram Stories. For example, a brand like Starbucks can upload a picture (or gif/video) of their latest iced latte to their Instagram Stories. Then insert a link sticker leading to their website to order the latte.

Starbuck Link Sticker
Source: Social Media Examiner

Instagram users can simply tap on the link sticker to initiate a popup (see image below). They can then tap on the popup to be re-directed to the site.

Starbucks Link Stories Visit Link

These Link Stickers open up so many new opportunities for brands, influencers, and content creators. 

Here are more examples of how you can use Link Stickers:

  • Motoring brands can upload a clip of a car’s interior and exterior. A Link Sticker can be added to send leads to a Test Drive Signup page.
  • Musicians can upload their latest album art with one of their songs playing in the background. A Link Sticker can send users to Bandcamp or other Pre-Order websites.
  • Brands that already have a link-sharing service like Hypage or Linktree can simply add the unique link for their link page to their Instagram Stories. Users can then tap on that Link Sticker to visit the brand’s link page to access all of the brand’s links.
link in bio examples

Looking for more link in bio examples? Click here for our full link in bio guide, complete with examples and real-world case studies.

Instagram Action Buttons

Instagram Action Buttons allow you to add a clickable button to your Instagram Bio. Users that click on this button will be redirected to a 3rd party app to interact with the brand.

Call to action button Instagram
Source: Social Media Examiner

Some of the buttons you can include:

  • Call
  • Text
  • View Shop
  • Book
  • Buy Tickets
  • Directions
  • Start Order
  • Reserve
  • Email

The downside with this approach is you are limited with the links you can use. For example, the “text” button will initiate the messaging app. The “email” button will initiate the email app and the “call” button will add your phone number to your phone’s dialer. 

Here is a screenshot from Instagram’s Help Centre if you wish to learn how to create your own action button:

Instructions to Installing an Instagram Action Button
Source: Instagram

Links in Video Captions (IGTV)

IGTV was Instagrams version of YouTube. Instagram users could upload videos over 60 seconds long. IGTV has since been rebranded to Instagram Videos. 

Unlike regular posts, Instagram Videos allow you to insert links into the caption of the video. Users that discover your video can simply read the caption and click on your link.

Link in Instagram Caption

The downside of this method is that your link will most likely be hidden. Users will have to tap “more” to open up the description and then scroll further down to find your link. 

However, this method is still great for brands that post plenty of long-form video content on Instagram.

Instagram Posts

Instagram posts do not allow links. If you insert a link into the caption of a new post, users that view that post will not be able to click on that link. 

However, this doesn’t stop you from adding your link to the captions of your post. You can still insert your link and hope that your Instagram fan takes the time to memorize your link URL and type it into their browser. 

This isn’t a popular method and may seem a bit far-fetched. However, it is a strategy that may work for some. 
For example, we could ask people to visit our blog at to read our latest post. Our fans know the spelling of VYPER and blog. So, they just have to carefully insert the other text and they will get right into our blog page.

Blitz Growth Podcast Blog Link

In the image above, users only need to remember to type to get to the website. 

If your URL is long or complicated, then you could try using a service like Bitly to shorten your URL. This way, users will have less to memorize.

TL;DR: Multiple Links in Instagram Bio

Most social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share links within their posts. This feature empowers users who can simply direct their social media audience over to their website, store, portfolio, etc. 

Instagram, on the other hand, is much more restrictive regarding the links on their platform. You cannot insert links freely into posts as you would on Facebook and Twitter. You are left with a few options, like the link in your bio. 

Link sharing tools like Hypage allow you to share multiple links from that single link in bio. This is done by redirecting Instagram users to a link page that has all your crucial links. When you need to update your links, you can simply edit your link page. No need to change anything on Instagram. 

There are other places to add links on Instagram. The platform is slowly evolving to accommodate links in places like Instagram Stories and Videos. 

Let us know what you think about having multiple links in Instagram bio in the comments below.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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