Contests & giveaways can be the most viral campaign you ever run or a huge time suck.

The ability to incentivize people with prizes and rewards can be a powerful way to collect a huge amount of emails, followers, and awareness.

Some of the largest companies in the world run them to keep growth at a constant rate. Universal Music, Amazon,  Oprah and thousand more.

Building the giveaway is only half the job, promoting it is the other. That’s why we wanted to share these top giveaway marketing tactics to make your campaign go viral!

Below is a Q&A session with Cole from the GroMo Agency that has been pumping out tops viral giveaways and have it down to a science!

We share the top giveaway marketing strategies, hacks, and tips which you can copy.

Main Takeaways – Contest Marketing

  • Spend some time thinking about a meaningful, high perceived prize to give away.
  • Use multiple prizes to keep all entrants excited
    • Placement prize (1st, 2nd etc)
    • Random draw prize
    • Milestone prize (collect 500 entries to unlock XXX)
  • Put a large emphasize on sharing, ask entrants to share constantly.
  • Give entrants examples on where to share (social, email, with co-workers, LinkedIn etc.
  • Leverage your immediate network to seed your audience.
    • Friends, co-workers
    • Your email list, social followers
    • FB groups or forums you are a member
    • Add a notification to your website
  • This is a good place to start if your network is small and you want to boost your reach a little.
  • Amplify your contest using paid ads but be creative about it.
    • Gamify social engagement on posts using contest bonus actions
    • Turn that post into an ad, this will give you top relevancy score and better conversion rates

Session Notes

  • Sign up to VYPER to get our premade templates that convert!
  • If you need help running a contest, book a consultation with Cole & GroM0 here.
  • Use this growth hack to build social engagement on Facebook posts and ads.

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