Social media giveaways are the new “go-to” strategy for quickly growing online presence. Your brand offers a prize for social media users to enter to win. The winner keeps the prize; your brand keeps the leads of all those who entered. 

As with most things in life, not all social networks are equal. Giveaways and contests perform better on certain social networks. We analyzed the top social networks to find out why giveaways work better on some platforms. 

This guide focuses on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Each platform offers unique features and audiences, making them suitable for different types of contests and marketing goals. 

This guide explores the pros and cons of each platform to equip marketers with the insights needed to choose the most effective platform for their next campaign.

Let’s proceed to learn which is the best social media platform for hosting giveaways & contests with a detailed analysis of each platform, starting with Instagram.

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Instagram Giveaways


  • High Engagement Rates: Instagram’s visually driven platform fosters high levels of user engagement, making it ideal for contests that require photo submissions or user-generated content.
  • Visual Appeal: With its focus on aesthetics, Instagram allows brands to create visually appealing contest announcements and updates, enhancing brand image and contest attractiveness.
  • Hashtag Reach: Instagram contests can leverage hashtags to increase visibility beyond a brand’s followers, tapping into larger audiences interested in specific themes or prizes.


  • Algorithmic Changes: Instagram’s constantly evolving algorithm can affect the visibility of contest posts, making it challenging to ensure consistent engagement without paid promotion.
  • Competition Saturation: Instagram’s popularity for contests means higher competition, requiring more creativity and investment to stand out.

Instagram has passed 2.4 billion monthly users. Over half of those users are between 18 and 34 years old. People who use Instagram tend to engage quickly with viral content.

Instagram User Stats
Source: DemandSage

Comments are usually intuitive and optimistic. There isn’t too much spam on the platform to worry about. There is a good chance that every person in your circle is active on Instagram, which shows the platform’s potential for engagement with its genuine users.

Get the right demographic:

Hosting an Instagram giveaway can produce incredible results due to its legit user base. Regional giveaways work great on Instagram if you target users in a specific area. 

Instagram insights also provide demographics, including location, age, and gender. With this information, you can certainly know the type of audience to target when planning your giveaway. 

Instagram Insights Activity
Source: Animoto

Achieve multiple goals easily and fast:

We love how brands use Instagram as a platform to host their giveaways. Brands ask their audience to Like, Follow, Tag, and Share to Enter. This entry method allows brands to use their Instagram giveaway to grow their audience and boost engagement. 

You can undoubtedly create a viral post with a single giveaway post after entrants have commented by tagging friends. 

Instagram ads are also exceptionally effective. It’s recommended to spend some money on boosting a giveaway post early on so more people can discover your giveaway when it launches. 

Meta support is bad:

There are only some downsides to hosting on Instagram. However, Meta is strict with its policies and can quickly ban your post or profile if they suspect suspicious behavior. The bans are automated for the most part, and getting them to review and uplift the ban is possible. 

Getting banned in the middle of a campaign can certainly ruin your giveaway. You will not be able to continue, and you may cancel the campaign and lose favor with your audience. 

YouTube Giveaways


  • Long-term Engagement: YouTube contests can encourage prolonged engagement as participants often spend time creating videos, watching others’ entries, and following the contest progression.
  • Diverse Content Formats: The platform supports a wide range of content formats, from short clips to longer documentary-style videos, offering creative flexibility in how contests are presented and engaged with.
  • SEO Benefits: YouTube being the second largest search engine, contests can benefit from SEO, making them discoverable long after they’ve ended, thus continuously driving traffic and interest.


  • High Content Production Cost: Creating video content that stands out requires a significant investment in time and resources, potentially limiting the frequency and scale of contests.
  • Longer Setup Time: Planning and executing a YouTube contest can be more time-consuming due to the need for detailed rules, judging criteria, and potentially more complex entry requirements.

YouTube is another social platform with 2.7 billion users, most of whom are between the ages of 24 and 35. Over 60% of those users come from mobile devices. 

These figures make perfect sense, as YouTube is pre-installed on most modern smartphones. So, people who purchase Android phones can start watching YouTube videos instantly. Those people also love sticking around on the YouTube app more than other apps.

YouTube Time Spent on Platform
Source: Vii Digital

YouTube is an incredible platform because of its long-form video content. Users spend hours on YouTube watching podcasts, music videos, tutorials, reviews, games, and more. Watching videos can be intuitive for people, so hosting a giveaway on YouTube is an excellent idea. 

Easily pass information on YouTube:

Giveaways can be intricate, especially when creating campaign rules. We recommend creating a landing page with all your giveaway rules. With video, you can quickly explain vital aspects of the giveaway rules to your audience. 

For example, a less than a-minute video can tell your audience how to enter your giveaway and provide more information on the giveaway rules. You can also use video to demo the prize and provide additional information quickly. 

Finding reach on YouTube:

A downside of YouTube is growing your brand on the platform. It is much more challenging to build a presence on YouTube than it would be on Instagram. 

The reason for this is that YouTube relies heavily on long-form content that suits the algorithm. As opposed to images and short videos on Instagram. However, with the introduction of Reels, brands can start building an audience with short vertical video. 

YouTube Shorts Mobile Previews
Source: Social Pilot

Working with Influencers:

Influencers/YouTubers are the stars of the show on the platform. They have massive followings, some with niche audiences. If you are looking to target a specific audience, a YouTuber can certainly help you find that audience. 

YouTubers get thousands of views on their videos. Mentioning your giveaway in one of their videos can instantly bring you a ton of exposure. You can sponsor a YouTuber to promote your giveaway or share your leads with them to build their audience further. 

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(X) Twitter Giveaways


  • Real-time Interaction: Twitter’s fast-paced nature facilitates real-time engagement, making it ideal for quick contests and giveaways that encourage instant participation and sharing.
  • Hashtag Campaigns: Hashtags can amplify contests’ reach, making them visible to a broader audience beyond a brand’s followers.
  • Ease of Entry: Participating in Twitter contests often requires simple actions like retweeting, commenting, or following, making them highly accessible to a wide audience.


  • Tweet Lifespan: Tweets have a short lifespan, which can limit the visibility of contest announcements and updates unless they are frequently reposted or promoted.
  • Potential for Negative Feedback: Twitter’s public and conversational nature means that any dissatisfaction or issues with contests can quickly become visible and possibly detract from the contest’s overall positivity.

X is a unique social media platform that has taken a new direction since Elon Musk took over in 2022. Despite its many negative drawbacks, X continues to grow, surpassing 550 million users

Twitter X Stats
Source: Exploding Topics

Easy-going socials:

Twitter has always been an easily accessible platform. Users can quickly create an account and post simple content such as ‘tweets.’ There is no need for high-end video production or stylized photography. Just tweets in the form of text can create exposure for your brand on X. 

However, creating exceptional visuals in the form of images and videos for X doesn’t hurt. 

Hosting a giveaway on X is an excellent idea. Especially if your brand has an active audience on the platform. X users are highly engaging and love to comment, which is why giveaways tend to go viral on the platform. 

Increasing reach on X:

The downside to X is that some brands struggle to find an active audience of reliable users that can convert into valuable leads. It also makes sense for these brands to focus on platforms with more users, like Instagram. 

That being said, brands can always partner with established X users to host a giveaway. For example, if your brand sells computer hardware or peripherals, it could partner with a game streamer. 

Gamers like Dr. Disrespect and Shroud have millions of followers and attract a legitimate audience of fellow gamers and people with a genuine interest in computer gear. You may not find the same audience on other platforms as these users are potentially exclusive to X. 

Dr Disrespect Twitter Giveaway
Source: @DrDisrespect Twiiter

For the above reason, you should research your target audience and niche to find out exactly which platform they use. Only some have multiple social media apps on their phones. Some people prefer to stick to just one social network. Do the work to find out which platform your audience is on. 

Trying to be kind:

We did mention Twitter’s many downsides earlier. One of them is the large amount of toxic content and ‘rage bait’ on the platform. Users on X can sometimes be brutal in the comments section, even with giveaways. You have been warned!

There is also a lot of spam behavior on X. Elon has done considerably well with removing bots. However, even verified accounts tend to post unrelated content as viral Twitter posts. This makes the comments section messy, which is not good if you are looking to boost engagement with your giveaway.

Facebook Giveaways


  • Broad Demographic Reach: Facebook’s extensive user base covers many demographics, making it suitable for contests aimed at diverse audiences.
  • Targeted Advertising: The platform’s sophisticated advertising tools allow for highly targeted contest promotion, ensuring that they reach the most relevant audience.
  • Group Engagement: Facebook Groups can be leveraged for contests, fostering community and engagement among participants with shared interests.


  • Declining Organic Reach: The organic reach of posts on Facebook has been declining, often necessitating paid promotion to ensure a significant audience sees contests.
  • Complex Promotion Rules: Facebook has strict rules regarding contests, including prohibitions on certain types of engagement bait, necessitating a careful review of terms to avoid penalization.

The original social network has finally grown to surpass 3 billion users! Let that sink in before you question Facebook’s sheer reach. 

Still popular:

Facebook might not be the hottest thing in your circles, but it is still prevalent in other demographics. India has over 300 million Facebook users, and the UK has 34 million. This is ideal for brands looking to reach an international audience through a giveaway. 

Facebook Users per Location
Source: Oberlo

Hosting a giveaway on Facebook is also a no-brainer for brands already established themselves on the platform. If your brand took years to gain thousands of followers on Facebook, it makes perfect sense to host your giveaway there. 

Easily launch giveaways on Facebook:

Facebook ads are still considered to be among the best for online marketing. You can reach a large, targeted audience even with a small budget. This creates a streamlined avenue for brands wanting to quickly create exposure for themselves and their content for a small fee. 

An excellent idea would be to boost your giveaway post on launch. The giveaway post will then find exposure and engagement early on, paving the way for a viral post. Paying for exposure is much quicker and easier than marketing the post and trying to drive exposure yourself.

TikTok Giveaways


  • Viral Content Potential: TikTok’s algorithm is geared towards promoting viral content, making it possible for contest entries and announcements to reach far beyond a brand’s existing followers.
  • Younger Audience: With a user base skewed towards younger demographics, TikTok is the ideal platform for brands looking to engage with Gen Z and millennials.
  • Creative Freedom: The platform encourages creativity and originality, allowing for contests that can leverage unique challenges, dances, and trends for high levels of participation.


  • Unpredictable Trends: The fast-paced nature of TikTok trends means that contests can quickly become outdated, requiring brands to stay exceptionally current to engage users effectively.
  • Demographic Limitation: While its audience is vast, TikTok’s user base is predominantly younger, which may not align with all the brand’s target demographics or contest goals.

TikTok is the fastest-growing social network. It took them just 5 years to reach a billion users. A platform with two-thirds of the users below 34 years old. It is an exceptional place to target a younger audience.

TikTok Statistics
Source: Oberlo

A major downside to TikTok is the current ban being proposed for the platform. There is a potential future without TikTok for US users. 

A young niche audience: 

TikTok is filled with vibrant content focused on the latest trends. Using a giveaway to attract a young audience to your brand, you can leverage a current trend. Instilling brand loyalty with a young audience means many years of service to come. 

For example, Band Lab hosted a giveaway to attract young aspiring music producers. They even got help from music influencers like Eric Assarsson to promote the giveaway. This is an excellent example of getting an influencer to promote your giveaway to their audience. 

Bandlab TikTok Giveaway
Source: TikTok @ericassarsson

Limited features:

TikTok’s limited features make it difficult for brands to host giveaways. The post description can only display limited information, and no links are allowed, making it even more challenging to drive traffic elsewhere. 

Using your ‘link in bio’ is best to redirect traffic to your giveaway landing page. This strategy is beneficial if you wish to collect email addresses or get entrants to perform other actions like ‘download your app’ or ‘sign up for your service.’ 

Ranking the Best Social Media Platform for Hosting Giveaways & Contests: From Worst to Best

Now that we have reviewed the best social media platform for hosting giveaways & contests let’s rank them from worst to best. 

We considered factors like engagement, features, potential for going viral, and how efficiently you can promote your giveaway on the platform. It’s crucial to note that social networks are always evolving. Therefore, we will update this guide regularly. 

5. Facebook

Despite its vast user base, Facebook’s declining organic reach and complex promotional rules place it last in our ranking. 

To run a successful contest on Facebook, significant investment in targeted advertising is often required to ensure visibility. This makes it less accessible for smaller brands or those with limited budgets.

While there are over 3 billion users on the platform, we are not certain how active those users are. It is possible that a large chunk of your target audience has moved to a different platform. 

If your brand is well-established on Facebook, go right ahead with your giveaway. If not, and you are looking to build an online presence, then it’s worth looking into a different social network. 

Learn how to host your own giveaway with our Facebook giveaway and contest examples.

4. Twitter

Twitter scores slightly higher due to its real-time interaction and ease of entry, making it ideal for quick, straightforward contests. 

However, the short lifespan of tweets and the potential for negative feedback due to their public and conversational nature are significant drawbacks. 

A lot can go wrong with a giveaway or contest. If not planned correctly, you could suffer from an unforeseen mistake that will bring negative publicity to your brand name. This applies to any platform, but the crowd on X can be harsh and ever-ready with their pitchforks. 

If you are not confident handling a Twitter giveaway on your own, perhaps try working with another brand or an influencer. Teaming up with someone with more knowledge of Twitter can certainly be an advantage. 

Twitter giveaway prize ideas

Twitter giveaways are still popular. Especially when hosted by a popular user.

Click here for Twitter giveaway tips and giveaway prize ideas.

3. YouTube

YouTube offers great potential for long-term engagement and SEO benefits. 

However, the high cost of content production and longer setup time make it more challenging for frequent contests. It’s best suited for more extensive campaigns or those where video content plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy.

If you do have a considerable budget to work with and your goal is to use your giveaway to promote a product launch or festive specials, then YouTube is ideal. You can use your budget to hire a YouTuber to help you produce and promote your giveaway video. You can also use that same video to run ads on YouTube. 

youtube giveaway

Grow your audience and subscribers on YouTube with a giveaway.

Click here for our 3-step guide to hosting YouTube giveaways.

2. TikTok

TikTok’s potential for viral content and its appeal to younger demographics make it an excellent choice for brands targeting Gen Z and millennials. 

The platform’s emphasis on creativity and trends provides a fertile ground for innovative contests. Your brand can easily persuade the younger audience to take part in a contest that produces valuable user-generated content (UGC).

This can be a singing, dancing, or art contest. Even a selfie contest works wonders on TikTok. Ask users to include your product in their selfies to increase your brand’s social proof.

However, its unpredictable trends and demographic limitations narrowly keep it from the top spot.

Hosting a TikTok Giveaway

TikTok is an excellent platform for creating brand awareness and finding a young audience. Hosting a giveaway on TikTok can fast track your growth plans on the platform. 

Here are 7 Essential Steps for Hosting a TikTok Giveaway.

1. Instagram

Instagram takes the lead as the Best Social Media Platform for Hosting Giveaways & Contests. Its high engagement rates, visual appeal, and hashtag reach make it an ideal environment for engaging contests. 

Instagram is doing exceptionally well at the moment in finding more users. The best part is those users just love scrolling away on the app for extended periods. 

We at VYPER have seen even the smallest brands and startups find success with Instagram giveaways. With a single, well-planned giveaway, these brands instantly boosted their reach, engagement, and audience on the platform. 

Browse The VYPER Blog for tips on hosting a giveaway, and you could be next on the list of brands that hosted successful Instagram giveaways. 

Instagram Giveaway Rules

Giveaway and contest rules are vital when hosting a legitimate campaign. 

Visit our Instagram giveaway rules guide to learn how to set up your Instagram giveaway correctly!

FAQ: Best Social Media Platform for Hosting Giveaways & Contests

❓How do I choose the right platform for my contest or giveaway?

Research to learn which platform your target audience uses most. Then consider choosing that platform. It also makes sense to host a giveaway on a platform that your brand is already established on.

❓Can I host a giveaway on a social network I am not registered on?

Yes. You can get an influencer on that social network to host the giveaway on your behalf. They can keep the followers and pass over the leads generated to you.

❓What type of influencer should I use?

Select an influencer who attracts an audience with similar interests to your target audience. For example, work with a fitness influencer if you sell workout equipment. If you Sell computer headsets, work with a game live streamer.

❓Can I still host a giveaway on a platform I am not on without an influencer?

It is reccomended to host a giveaway on a platform where your brand has a bit of a presence. However, if you are trying to start off on a new platform and have few known followers, then a giveaway can be what you need to get started with growing your audience.

❓How do I know which social media platform is right for my brand?

Research. Find out where your target audience is. Start by analyzing your competitors to see which platform they use and if their audience regularly engages with them.

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TL;DR: Best Social Media Platform for Hosting Giveaways & Contests

  • Instagram is the best social media platform for hosting giveaways & contests due to its high engagement rates, visual appeal, and effective use of hashtags, though it faces challenges with algorithm changes and competition saturation.
  • YouTube is ideal for long-term engagement and offers SEO benefits but requires more resources and time to produce content.
  • Twitter facilitates quick, real-time interaction and is great for simple entry contests but suffers from a short tweet lifespan and potential negative feedback.
  • Facebook provides extensive demographic reach and targeted advertising opportunities but is hindered by declining organic reach and complex promotional rules.
  • TikTok offers viral content potential and appeals to a younger audience, yet it requires staying on top of rapidly changing trends and has a narrower demographic focus.

Each platform has unique strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right one depends on your campaign goals, target audience, and the type of engagement you aim to foster.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of VYPER, a marketing tool that helps brands build email lists, social followings, and revenue using viral giveaways, referral, and reward programs. After millions of dollars spent testing different marketing strategies at his marketing agency. He then also co-founded Hyax a fast, conversion & design-focused course and funnel builder for creators.

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