Mother’s Day is truly a special day for moms all over the world. For a change, all the attention is on them.

Every family member has some sort of gift ready for mom. A gift that they would have spent weeks shopping for.

Because of this, there are so many Mother’s Day promotions.

It can be challenging to get your Mother’s Day promos to stand out. Unless you host a viral giveaway.

A Mother’s Day Giveaway can be just what your business needs this year.

We know that it can be difficult to come up with ideas for giveaways. So, we compiled some excellent Mother’s Day Giveaway ideas in this article.

Please feel free to use any of these ideas.

Good luck and have fun with your giveaway.

Mothers day giveaway

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Why Host a Mother’s Day Giveaway?

Mother’s Day promotions have become increasingly popular. 

It’s in no way the biggest event of the year (for most retailers). Yet, stores and brands are ready to accommodate customers looking for great gifts for their moms.

These stores need to promote these gifts so customers will have an idea of where to find great gifts.

However, the promotion window for Mother’s Day is small. 

You don’t want to start too early. This will make your brand look desperate as if you are trying to rake in every dollar you can.

So how do you run a successful viral campaign just before Mother’s Day?

Instagram Mothers day giveaway
Source: Foreverfleurs Instagram

With a Mother’s Day Giveaway (Duh).

Benefits of a Giveaway

  • Ability to generate leads, social media followers, and website traffic
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Can extend your reach, making your brand more discoverable online and on social media
  • Can generate massive hype for other promotions during the same period

So, a giveaway that’s hosted during the week leading up to Mother’s Day can help a brand gain attention that can be directed to its Mother’s Day promos.

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Who Do You Target with Your Mother’s Day Giveaway?

This is an important question. Do you target the moms? Or do you target the kids (or even the dads)?

If you have an online store, then targeting the person who is going to buy the gift might be the right answer.

Generally, the kid (younger person) would be more inclined to make online purchases. They would also be the one buying the gift.

Scentbird mothers day gift guide
Source: Scentbird Mothers Day Gift Guide

Acquiring them as leads from your giveaway makes sense. They could also be valuable concerning future purchases.

Especially if your store does cater to them.

Now, if your brand caters mostly for moms, then your giveaway should appeal to moms. In this case, you should not target the person buying the mother’s day gift.

If your store only caters to older age groups, then keep your giveaway exclusive to that age group. Use a store voucher or one of your products as the prize.

mothers day ideas
Source: Shutterstock Blog

This way, your giveaway will attract relevant leads that you can market to at a later stage.

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Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Are you a store owner or brand that’s looking to host a Mother’s Day campaign?

A Giveaway is an excellent idea for brands looking to do something special on Mother’s Day.

We rounded up some fantastic giveaway ideas for Mother’s Day below.

Please feel free to make use of any of the ideas listed below.

Mother’s Day Social Media Giveaway

Brands and stores that are looking to keep things simple with their Mother’s Day Campaigns can host a social media giveaway.

A Mother’s Day Giveaway that is hosted on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to create hype on social media before your Mother’s Day promotions. 

Facebook mothers day giveaway
Source: Erban Spa Facebook

The week before Mother’s Day is the perfect time to interact with social media users.

You can target both mother and son/daughter with your giveaway. However, if your target audience falls in an older age group, then you could restrict your giveaway to moms only. 

Examples and Prizes

  • Moms Only Facebook Giveaway – For the moms that spend most of their time on Facebook
  • Mother’s Day Instagram Giveaway – For the kids that want to win an awesome prize for mom

Prize ideas – Coffee maker, bath and beauty products, kitchen appliance, almost any prize that will ideally attract your target audience.


  • Acquire new leads before Mother’s Day
  • Creates attention that’s directed towards your brand
  • Ideal campaign to run alongside other Mother’s Day promotions

Best For

  • Brands that produce Mother’s Day gifts
  • Appliance brands
  • Beauty and hair brands

Mother’s Day Bake-Off Contest

Cooking or baking with your mom is such a wholesome activity. A fun, enjoyable, and memorable activity.

A Mother’s Day Bake-off Contest that includes this activity can be exciting and engaging for your audience.

Mothers day bakeoff
Source: MLB

Teams can submit pictures or videos of their cupcakes, biscuits, and other delicious treats. 

This can be the beginning of a great UGC contest.

People that are not willing to bake can still take part in the contest by supplying their email to vote. This can lead to tons more referred email leads.

To take things further, the top 10 contestants can battle it out in a bake-off in front of a live audience. The bake-off can be streamed on the same platform the contest was hosted on.

Examples and Prizes

  • Best Cake Decoration Contest
  • Cupcake Contest (Make cupcakes with our baking mix)
  • Best Looking Pastry Contest

Prize ideas – Baking trays, cupcake stand, and food mixer.


  • Creative and fun for the audience
  • Kid-friendly
  • User-generated content
  • Contestants will refer more leads to vote

Best For

  • Food/baking brands
  • Supermarkets
  • Kitchen appliance brands

Mother’s Day Trivia

Did you hear about those cute little trivia games on Snapchat? The ones were you have to guess the movie. Then you send the same question to a friend to guess.

Your friend will answer, then they will send you a new question. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Snapchat games

You can host an online Mother’s Day Trivia contest were moms answer questions about their kids. 

Facebook and Snapchat have great features for hosting these mini-games. Your brand could sponsor a game on one of these platforms.

Playing the game can be part of the entry method of your giveaway.

Examples and Prizes

  • Mother’s Day Trivia
  • Moms Movie Trivia (Moms favorite movies and actors)
  • Moms Celebrity Trivia (Guess celebrities from past decades)

Prize ideas – Stores can offer discounts and vouchers. Entertainment products like movies and books.


  • Interactive and fun for the audience
  • Kid-friendly
  • Great brand building. Contestants will appreciate brands supply free entertainment for them to pass time

Best For

  • Entertainment brands
  • Cinema and movie theaters 
  • Comic book stores
  • Online stores that sell entertainment products
Fathers Day Giveaway Socials

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Mother’s Day Selfie Contest

Selfie contests are perfect for brands looking to produce user-generated content. 

Facebook and Instagram are some of the best places to host these campaigns. The reason being, these are media-friendly platforms.

You can keep this campaign simple by asking users only to submit a picture of themself to enter for a chance to win big.

Mothers day selfie contest
Source: Kearney Hub Facebook

To make things more exciting, you can ask people to send pics of themselves with their mom.

Examples and Prizes

  • Mother’s Day Selfie Contest – Pic of you and mom
  • Product selfie contest – Pic of mom with a product
  • 10 Year Challenge – A collage of you and mom that includes an image from 10 years ago and a current image

Prize ideas – Beauty products, spa getaways, store vouchers


  • Producing plenty of user-generated content
  • Great brand building. Your product will be placed in tons of UGC
  • An excellent way to find a target audience

Best For

  • Beauty products
  • Department stores
  • Spas and Salons

Fitness Giveaway

This giveaway is for those health-conscious moms who are frequently in gyms and yoga classes. 

A Mother’s Day Giveaway is an excellent idea for gyms that are looking to host an event on Mother’s Day.

It’s also a great giveaway idea for fitness brands that cater to moms.

Mothers day fitness giveaway
Source: Remarkable Womens Fitness Facebook

You can host the giveaway on your website or social media. 

Choose your prize wisely to ensure that you cater to the right audience.

Examples and Prizes

  • Gym giveaway – A giveaway that’s hosted by a local gym with the prize bring free membership for a limited time
  • Fitness giveaway – A Mother’s Day Fitness Giveaway with prizes ranging from workout apparel to fitness watches and heart rate monitors


  • Excellent campaign to build interest in a fitness brand before Mother’s Day
  • Gyms can potentially find new leads online and on social media with this campaign
  • An excellent way to find a target audience

Best For

  • Gyms and other fitness centers
  • Fitness products (watches, step counters, and heart rate monitors)
  • Fitness supplement brands
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Mother’s Day Giveaway Prize Ideas

We’ve listed some of the most popular Mother’s Day prizes in this section. These are prizes that are commonly used and work well.

Remember, your prize is the most crucial factor in your giveaway. It’s the prize that draws people to your giveaway.

Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, mixers, or food processors are great prizes for a Mother’s Day Giveaway. These appliances will make mom’s life much more easier in the kitchen.

Gift Card

A store or mall gift card. This is perfect for those moms who dream about shopping sprees. 

Online Voucher

Voucher/s or discounts that are redeemable at online stores. This will ideally suit online stores. You can offer a massive voucher as the prize. 

Spa Day

A spa getaway. Mom will definitely appreciate having a break from it all with a change of scenery. 

Movie Night

Offer free movie tickets. Movie ticket prices are high and off-putting to most moms. Mom will love free tickets to the movies.

Babysitting Service

It’s hard for moms with little kids to leave home and go out with friends or with dad. A free night or two of a babysitting service can make it happen.

Mother’s Day 2020 Restrictions

Unfortunately, this year’s Mother’s Day will be affected by restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most of the prizes or services listed above might not be available in most regions due to necessary lockdowns.

Vouchers, gift cards, and discounts could be a better alternative during this time.

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Q&A Mother’s Day Giveaway

❓️ What is the average duration of a giveaway?

Giveaways, on average, are hosted over two weeks (14 days). You can run them over a longer or shorter time frame.

However, people can lose interest in a giveaway that’s hosted for three weeks or more. One week for a giveaway is too short, and it doesn’t give you enough time to promote the giveaway properly.

❓️ Which campaign will work better over Mother’s Day, a giveaway, or a contest?

Giveaways are an excellent way of generating leads, social media followers, and website traffic just before Mother’s Day. If your store sells products that are ideal for Mother’s Day, then this will be the right strategy for you.

Contests are great for creating brand awareness and its best for brands that just want to take part in Mother’s Day activities.

❓️ How big should my giveaway prize be?

Mother’s Day is a special day. However, it might seem overkill to go with an expensive, over the top prize. Stick to a simple prize or a bundle of small products.


Mother’s Day is still a special day for a lot of families. Your brand can make this day even more special with a giveaway.

Your Mother’s Day Giveaway can be used to target either mom or the people that buy presents for their moms. The giveaway is also an ideal campaign to host alongside other Mother’s Day promotions.

Does your brand run giveaways or promos for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

Jack Paxton
Jack Paxton

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