After spending $150m on paid ads, running 1,000s of viral campaigns, and starting SaaS & eCommerce businesses of our own, here’s what we’ve learned 

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Case Study: Social Media Contest – 44,853 emails, 14,206 followers, 13,105 shares & 3,973 trial accounts

Learn how to run a successful social media contest. See how Topaz Labs collected 44,853 emails, 14,206 followers on social media, and 3,973 trial accounts.

Instagram Giveaway Case Study: Collect 37k Followers, 41k emails & 15k shares

See how Coconut Bowls ran an Instagram Giveaway and collect 37k new followers, 41k emails & 15k shares. This case study also includes a Q&A with Jake the founder.

How to Host a Giveaway & Collect 62,354 Emails

See how this water subscription company collected over 62k emails and 124k+ Instagram followers hosting a giveaway with partners and complementing brands.

Replicate this campaign and similar results for your business!

Case Study: Birch + Fog Generates 35% Increase In Traffic (CBD Marketing)

If you’re in a “grey” area niche for Google and Facebook ads. Check out this case study. How a CBD company grew their traffic, revenue and followers using giveaways.


Create viral giveaways, competitive contests, sharable campaigns, and engaging referral programs.

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